Board of Regents

The Board of Regents provides guidance and governance to Saint John’s Prep and ensures that faculty and staff follow the mission of the school.

Margaret Arnold

Katie Bergstrom ’83, Chair (Executive Committee Member)

Br. Richard Crawford, OSB

Todd Flanders

Br. Lew Grobe, OSB

Humberto Gutierrez ‘94

Wendy Hulsebus ‘90

Abbot John Klassen OSB ‘67 (Executive Committee Member)

Br. Benedict Leuthner, OSB (Executive Committee Member)

Fr. Jonathan Licari, OSB, Headmaster (Executive Committee Member)

Kevin O’Malley ‘69 (Executive Committee Member)

Br. Robin Pierzina, OSB (Executive Committee Member)

Yvonne Schilplin (Executive Committee Member)

Jane Spalj

Tom Stock

Alan Stone ‘79

Chris Twomey ’66 (Executive Committee Member)

Sr. Stefanie Weisgram

Rachel Wenner Ruzanic ‘95

"We sent our boys to prep because of its academic reputation and were more than satisfied with how Prep prepared them for life! It was an honor and privilege to send our sons to Prep! The investment by our family was worth every dime!"
Tom, parent
"Excellent middle and high school, top notch students and staff!"
Rebecca, parent
"I am really proud of all the friends I have made, from all different cultures and countries. I love Saint John’s Prep because they make you feel as though you were home."
Patricio, student