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Being a Part of Something Bigger than Yourself
Jeremiah Weber ’20

Jeremiah Weber ’20 was awarded the Citizenship Award at graduation, for consistently promoting respect for, and the building up of, the Saint John’s Preparatory School community.
“I am proud to be a Prep. This school has traditions I will always carry with me.” Jeremiah explains. “It’s the oldest school in Minnesota, and it’s longstanding values definitely made an imprint on me.” Jeremiah and his family are grateful for the support of the Prep community. He regularly spoke at Discovery Days and alumni gatherings to share how Prep made a positive impact on his life. “I’ve discovered Prep is a community that you come back to and you give back to. ‘Once a Prep Always a Prep’ is not just a saying – I’ve experienced that.”

As a freshman at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN, Jeremiah feels well-prepared for college. “The teachers at Prep were always willing to go the extra mile and help me out. I knew they deeply cared for me and wanted me to succeed! Many of the assignments I’ve had so far in college, I’ve done before, and I am thankful for the experience.”

“Prep provides opportunities for each student to be celebrated and helps students explore their unique individual gifts.” shares Jeremiah’s mom, Kari Weber. Jeremiah was active in theatre, choir, and cross-country and also developed a passion for creative expression, specifically pottery. He is a talented speaker and writer, often sharing his writing and editing skills with other students in the writing lab.

“Being a Prep means being a part of a community. You have all these connections and people willing to back you up.” says Jeremiah. You meet people who impact your life forever and you impact theirs. It is a part of something bigger than yourselves, yet a small community that stays with you forever.”