The Hrdlicka ’50 Project

A Class Project to Find Out the Truth

The Class of ’52 worked to find the truth about a schoolmate for 13 years. When they celebrated its fiftieth class reunion in June of 2002, they discussed how David Hrdlicka ’50, was known to have been captured as a POW on May 18,1965 in Laos. At its class meeting, the class accepted the challenge of finding out as much as possible about David Hrdlicka’s ’50 current status. The class worked tirelessly until 2015 to bring awareness to other alumni/ae regarding the tragic circumstances of David Hrdlicka’s ’50 incarceration. Jerry Streeter ’52 dedicated countless hours of research and advocacy on behalf of David. However, the government still has not released information regarding David that will provide peace of mind for David’s wife, Carol Hrdlicka, their three children and the alumni/ae of Saint John’s Prep School.

In the fall of 2013, Jerry Streeter ’52 and his classmates were featured in a news story that aired on Veteran’s Day on FOX9 in Minneapolis. The story centered on the closeness of Preps and the determination to find out what happened to their schoolmate. Also in 2013, KSTP’s On the Road crew visited Carol Hrdlicka at her home in Kansas. They featured her personal fight to find what happened to her husband.

In 2015, the Class of 1952, recognizing that they had pursued all avenues available to them to help bring closure to David’s story,  planted a tree on campus to honor Col. Hrdlicka. According to Headmaster Father Jonathan Licari, OSB,  “Seldom do groups of people demonstrate the kind of love and affection for a fellow student and for his family as did the Class of 1952. David’s loved ones may be unable to fully express the impact of your care and attention, but it has not gone unnoticed. This gospel value of love is the foundation for our Benedictine values, and it lives on each time individuals like you reach out to help others. I gratefully acknowledge the Class of 1952’s continued awareness of David’s life and the lives of others who have endured unknown suffering. Their work into David’s cause has kept his spirit alive within our community. For this gift to the school, I express my gratitude and prayer for each of member of the Class of 1952.”

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