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Program Spotlight:
International Baccalaureate

Program Spotlight: International Baccalaureate

We talk a lot about our global perspective at Saint John’s Prep, and our International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme is one exciting, enriching facet of that perspective. As an International Baccalaureate World School, Saint John’s Prep Upper School students have the opportunity to engage in the rigorous IB academic program that prepares them for the college experience both domestically and abroad.

What is International Baccalaureate?

The Saint John’s Prep International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme is an integrated academic program that prepares high school students for the college experience in the United States and abroad. Our students can make the choice to complete the full IBDP program, choose from over 20 individual IB courses for college credit, or engage in our college preparatory curriculum designed for all learners. The IB curriculum is centered around three cornerstones: Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, and the Community Action Service (CAS) project. These core components are intended to encourage students to:

  • Investigate what they believe and why
  • Hone their skills in communicating those beliefs eloquently and effectively
  • Serve their community as well-rounded citizens of the world

Building upon this core, IB students at Saint John’s Prep take one course in each of the following areas:

  • English A: Literature
  • World Language: German, Chinese or Spanish
  • Individuals & Society: History or Philosophy
  • Experiential Sciences: Biology or Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Visual Arts or Music

Why choose International Baccalaureate?

The IB programme helps students distinguish themselves during the university application process through its higher-level courses and the depth of learning therein. By participating in the IB programme at Saint John’s Prep, students demonstrate to prospective colleges and universities that they are familiar with and prepared for the rigor of college-level study, and can succeed in an advanced learning environment.


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At Saint John’s Prep, we encourage all students to achieve beyond their potential. Participation in our IB programme can help ambitious, curious students become well-rounded, confident college prospectives. Learn more about the benefits of an International Baccalaureate diploma by visiting Saint John’s Prep online today.

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