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Recognition Societies


Anonymous (2)
Baustert Family Foundation
John and Nancy Berg
James ’93 and Deb ’93 Boehmler
Fruth Family Foundation
Ted ’80 and Connie Fust
Michael and Karel Helgeson
Paul Jungquist ’80
Kevin O’Malley ’69 and Marcia Steyaert
Rosemarie Rinn
Lois and John Rogers
Scott ’93 and Sonja Safer
Julius ’76 and Victoria Smith
Thomas and Alexandra St. Hilaire
The Casey T. Albert O’Neil Foundation
Chris ’66 and Darla Twomey


John and Bonita Benschoter
Community Giving Foundation
Larry ’60 and Renee Jordan
Yang Lo and Rachel Schuneman
Mike ’66 and Cassandra Savard
Sentra-Sota Sheet Metal Inc.
Ann Marie Stock ’78 and David Campagna
University of Minnesota
Ann and Jim Walsh


John and Margaret Arnold
Chuck ’69 and Mary Caturia
El-Jay Plumbing & Heating Inc.
Marty ’82 and Suzy Ellis
Don ’55 and Marion Hall
Clay ’84 and Mary Hamlin
Mike ’67 and Ann Hammer
Mark Krebsbach ’76
Tom ’69 and Dierdre Mahoney
Ann and Jon McGee
Daniel W. Meinz Ph.D. ’73
MFP Inc.
Michael Monaghan ’57
Thomas ’64 and Dona Mork
Gerald O’Brien ’70
Glenn ’61 and Charlene Rother
John ’59 and Susan Ryan
Yvonne Schilplin
Justin ’80 and Nancy Smith
Joe ’68 and Diana Twidwell
Michael ’65 and Dorothy Vanderlinden
Thomas ’66 and Ann Walerius
Peter ’70 and Virginia Wolters
Todd and Kyoko Zaun


Albany Family Dentistry, P.A. -Jason and Casey Spychala
Tom ’68 and Jann Atkins
Thomas Berger ’55
Dixie Boschee and Brian Smith
Gerard ’56 and Betty de la Cruz
Joe DesJardins and Linda Eich DesJardins
Tom ’74 and Jude Griffin
Kenneth Gutzwiller ’56
James and Carol Hamlin
John ’66 and Debra Hoefs
Abbot John Klassen OSB ’67
Tom ’80 and Sonia Klumper
Mary Jo Leighton ’80
Leighton Enterprises, Inc.
McDowall Company
Guy ’58 and Nancy McMichael
David Meyers and Catherine O’Link-Meyers
Tom Murtha ’69 and Stefanie Lenway
Jim Noonan ’73 and Margaret Schaus
Rochester Catholic Schools
Gerry ’52 and Lorraine Sande
Ron ’56 and Marty Tavis
Jack ’82 and Cindy Uldrich
Jim ’68 and Pam Verstraete
Walter & Leona Schmitt Family Foundation
Tong Zeng
Steve ’68 and Susan Zimmerman


Gretchen Agee
Greg ’75 and Chris Bauleke
Stephen ’73 and Helen Bechtold
Timothy Bechtold ’80 and Karen Knudsen
Penny Beuning ’90 and Mark Williams ’88
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Chris Boehmler ’97
Bruce Broman and Evelyn Erickson
Harold ’61 and Judie Buerman
Patrick ’67 and Carol Carey
Michelle ’86 and Guy Carlson
Catholic Foundation St. Cloud
Dr. Joseph Comfort
Jim ’58 and Sandy Conway
Jim ’54 and Debra Corcoran
CSNA Architects
Brian and Eileen Dauer
Jeff DeBevec ’65 and Sarah Balinskas
Jeffrey ’86 and Rebecca Derr
Gregory DeWitt ’69
Leigh W. Dillard and John Taylor
John ’58 and Julie Ditzler
Vern ’70 and JoAnn Dobis
Brendon and Megan Duffy
East Side Class Co.
Michael Eighan and Diane Duckworth
Mary Ellinger
Todd Flanders
John ’63 and Ginny Ford
Kurt and Karla Franke
Donald ’65 and Susan Genereux
James ’69 and Devon Goetz
Edward ’74 and Donna Goossens
Louie ’49 and Eileen Gottwalt
Chick ’53 and Carol Hayden
Will ’73 and Louise Healy
Joe ’73 and Marielaine Hegel
Ryan ’69 and Nichole Hemker
Larry Herges ’62
Jeffrey ’03 and Emily Higgins
Fr. Chuck Huck ’72
Wendy ’90 and Spencer Hulsebus
Matt Hwang and Stacia Anderson
Denis Hynes ’60
Judith Kading ’84
John ’58 and Patricia Kemper
John and Janelle Kendall
Patricia Kress
Joe ’80 and Sharon Kroening
Mitch and Traese Kuhl
Larry ’66 and Jean Larsen
Martin ’69 and Coby LaVenture
Jeff ’88 and Beth Leighton
Bob ’79 and Lydia Leighton
Alan and Lois Lepinski
David Lickteig ’62
Betty J. Ludwig
M & D Welding, LLC- Charles Buettner ’93
K.C. ’67 and Anne Marrin
J. Brian ’65 and Emily Martin
Thomas ’60 and Lynn McKasy
Thomas ’47 and Mary McKeown
Aaron and Jennifer Miller
Aimee and Joel Miron
Jane and Pat Mitchell
John ’67 and Janet Murphy
Greg ’66 and Tris Nelson
Thomas and Ellie Nicklawske
Sarah Pasela and Chad Spahn
Bruce ’59 and Patricia Perrizo
Ana Pilon
Chuck ’58 and Lucy Rieland
Barbara Rogan
Joseph and Sara Rogers
Michele A. Rosha
David ’61 and Eileen Rutten
Bob Schmelzer ’61
William Schneider ’58
Lynn and William Schnettler
Douglas ’72 and Mary Schoen
Stacey and Jamie Schrupp
John ’61 and Judy Scott
John Sipe ’61
Sit Investment Associates Foundation
Steve and Barb Slaggie
James Smieja
Dan and Penny Smith
Jonathan Smith ’88
Marc Smith ’77
Randy ’74 and Lori Stangler
Mark and Kathy Steichen
Joel ’66 and Diane Strangis
Terhuly Foundation Inc.
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Vanguard Charitable
Mark Walbran ’67
Bernie Weber ’63
Thomas ’66 and Mary Weiss
Wally Wenner ’50
Rachel Wenner Ruzanic ’95 and Ted Ruzanic
Lawrence Whalen ’52
Dan ’82 and Grayce Young



Ronald ’66 and Renee Ahmann
Gary and Kay Bechtold
Black Financial Services, Inc.
Aaron Bolton and Nicole Mercer-Bolton
John ’58 and Terrie Brandt
Thomas Brever
Linda Butenhoff
Ashley Christen
Mike ’69 and Annie DeBevec
Dan and Amanda Demars
Drake ’59 and Madeline Dierkhising
Kathy and Andy Doom
Michael and Linda Duffy
Paul ’52 and Margie Enck
Kelly and Scott Fitch
Robert W. Fix Sr. ’68 and Natalie Fix
Robert ’65 and Gretchen Froehle
Richard Galena ’67
Erica ’95 and Kirt Galligher
Darryl Girtz ’66 and Mary Beth Conlan Girtz
Greg and Denise Hansen
Bruce Hanson
Michael Hart-Slattery ’02
Don Helgeson
Michael Kahle ’76 and Robert Yampolsky
Kevin ’68 and Kimberly Kelley
Robert ’64 and Gwen Kessler
Marcia Allard & Chad Kissela
John ’69 and Karla Koenig
Martin ’75 and Jennifer Koop
Fr. Joseph Korf ’66
Kwik Trip
Kon Anton Leung and Ka Yee Wong
Lance and Tina Louis
Louis Industries, Inc.
Madison Community Foundation
Bob ’69 and Marissa Mahowald
Katherine McCauley Najjar ’99 and Eliah Najjar
Ann and Tim McGlennen
John and Betty McGuire
Andrew ’53 and Viola Meuwissen
Terina Miller
Jon ’70 and Lisa Mills
Mikol ’89 and Jose Montoya
John ’72 and Lois Muggli
Jack Murray ’74
Jennifer Nelson
Dr. Dawn Nichols, Ed.D.
Susan Nolan
James Nordlund ’57
Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation
Kevin ’70 and Marie Novak
Sherman ’63 and Gisela Otto
Jack and Joanne Piche
Jim ’70 and Barb Platten
Tammy Rademacher
Jack ’66 and Pam Ramsay
Honorable Jim Randall ’58
Jack ’06 and Meg Rinn
Marty and Carol Schirber
Alex and Susan Schleper
Tom and Myra Schrup
Mark ’68 and Anne Selner
Jim and Theresa Sexton
Flip Spanier ’51
Tom and Lori Stock
Mel Suhr
Andrew and Jessica Swartout
Peter ’65 and Nancy Terres
Kenneth Theisen ’76
Thomas ’54 and Eleanor Thelen
Twin City Garage Door Co.
Daniel ’66 and Jeanne VanOverbeke
Timothy and Valerie Vedder
Ludmila Voelker
Wells Fargo Matching Gifts Program
Daniel Walsh ’69
Fr. Ronald Weyrens ’74
Nels Ylitalo ’93 and Susan Wall Ylitalo
John Schlumpberger ’52


UP TO $499

Todd ’81 and Cheryl Alkire
Mark Anderson ’86 and Kelly Goski
Mary and Scott Anderson
Hazel Anderson-Larson ’19
Dr. Glen Arnold ’59
Robert ’71 and Linda Arnold
Ethan and Jennifer Aronson
Natalie Asmus
Bryan and Toni Backes
Ethel Backes
Gloria Bamberger
Angie and Jason Baszler
Tom ’61 and Kris Bauer
+Gregory Bechtold ’75
Joe and Joanne Bechtold
+Al and Jean Beckel
John and Verneice Beckel
Shawn and Kristin Beckers
Brice ’71 and Kathleen Beckman
Belgrade Co-op Assn
Mark Belisle ’68 and Mary MacDonell Belisle
Barry Belknap
John ’76 and Luz Bell
Bello Cucina of St. Joseph, Inc.
Geno Beniek ’56
Norb Berg ’49
Katie Bergstrom ’83
Lynn Berry ’89
Todd and Cherie Beumer
Steve and Lola Blattner
Diego Borgert ’12
Roberto Borgert ’09
Warren “Boz” and Kacey Bostrom
Ryan and Amanda Brandon
Jim ’67and Bebe Bremer
+Wayne and Evelyn Brinkman
Charles M. Briscoe
Frank and Alice Brown
Michael ’81 and Lori Brown
Jim ’74 and Jane Brummer
Linda Bruner
Libbie Brunsvold
Michelle and Barth Buehrer
Anna Burgason Dirksen
Jim ’50 and Bridget Burkart
Everett and Andrea Burris
John ’59 and Elisabeth Callahan
Kevin ’65 and Laure Campbell
Lorraine Carlson
Kathleen Carton
Stan Caspers ’66
Carl ’61 and Diana Chalupsky
Nathan ’99 and Kriste Cheeley
Aaron and Mickey Cheeley
Pete and Joyce Cheeley
Aaron Choquette ’86 and Michelle Seitz Choquette ’87
Katie and Mike Christensen
Hans and Jennifer Christoffersen
Lorraine Cofell
Monica Cofell
Emerson Cofell-Dwyer ’05
Pat Conn and Suzanne Maus
Elizabeth ’03 and Tristan Cox
Francis Crain ’68
Br. Richard Crawford, OSB
Sandra Crowley
Kathleen Dagel
Jennifer Daiker
Nathan and Michele Danielson
Karyl and Randy Daughters
Michael Davis ’74 and Melissa Doyel
Zoe Davis
Brian ’70 and Chizuko Deeny
Leo ’66 and Janis Dehler
Nate and Melissa Dehne
Janet Delre
Deedra Deuhs
Dick & Mimi Bitzan Family Fund
Jean Didier and Neil Franz
Paul and Julie Diethelm
Becky Dillingham
Joe ’69 and Mary Dirksen
Job ’57 and Ghislaine Dittberner
John ’74 and Amy Domeier
John ’81 and Leann Donovan
James ’51 and Barbara Douvier
Ginny Drewing
Robert ’51 and Angeline Dunbar
Kevin Durken
Eugene ’65 and Nancy Dvoracek
Lauren Dwyer ’05
Patrick Dwyer and Jeanne Cofell
Daniel ’71 and Regina Dykhoff
Catherine and David Earp
Rev. Leonard Eckroth ’50
Jerry ’53 and Joan Ehresmann
Barbara Eich
Susan Eich and Jim Pohle
Gene ’61 and Dottie Eisenschenk
Bob and Colette Ellenbecker
Rich ’58 and Louise Eltgroth
Jeff Engholm
Friedrich Eppensteiner
Sandy Ernst
Bill and Pat Eustice
Tom ’66 and Janet Evans
Pam Evans-Otto
Fr. Dennis Evenson ’55
Heidi Everett and Emil Towner
Dan ’69 and Patricia Fasching
William Femrite ’69
Shaana Figallo
Bonnie and Steve Fines
Jacob Finn ’98
Augie Fischer ’57
William ’59 and Barbara Fischer
Matthew Fitzgerald ’10
Elizabeth Fitzjarrald ’03
David and Kris Fremo
John ’65 and Sandy Fritscher
Richard ’75 and Rose Gaetz
Elizabeth and Michael Galbraith
Duane Galles ’66
Nick ’72 and Carol Ganas
Brian and Katie Gefre
Bob Generous ’77
Rev. Ed Girres ’70
John and Christine Glomski
Vicki Gohman ’86
Bill and Eleanor Goodall
Paul ’78 and Joan Goossens
Tom and Ann Grandy
Gray Plant Mooty Foundation
Melanie Guentzel and Daniel Schlagel
Cindy and Lowell Haagenson
Bill ’66 and Patt Hall
John Halloran ’63 and Dianne Wright
William and Donna Hanigan
John and Lois Harren
Katherine Harrison-Peterson
Laura and Luke Hartog
Faith Haws
Anna Heerts
Patrick Held ’69
Roger and Marjorie Henkemeyer
Wendy Hennes
Tamara Hennes-Vix ’96
Amanda and Michael Henry
Michael and Susan Heroux
Deanna Heskin
Angel Hight
Meg Hobday ’88 and Tony Bacigalupi
John ’58 and Carol Hoffman
Robert Hollenhorst ’60
Deanne and Patrick Hollermann
Karl and Victoria Holthaus
Paul Holzemer ’68
Carrie and Tom Hoover
Jerald and Julianna Howard
Tamara Huesers
Theresa Huppertz
Gloria Piche ’89 and David Hutchinson
Robert ’60 and Patricia Imholte
Lee and Julie Iverson
Jan and Kim Jahnke
Kathy and Mike Janku
Mark ’70 and Mary Jantzer
Warren and Dianne Janzen
Fr. Bradley Jenniges OSB
Richard ’59 and Patricia Jessen
David and Jin Jiang
Krister and Michelle Johnson
Whit and Steph Johnson
Thomas and Theresa Johnson
Wes and Kumaree Johnson
Lee ’68 and Max Jordan
Jerome and Rose Jungquist
Fr. Michael Kaluza ’86
Jody Kappes
Tom ’71 and Jan Keaveny
Dr. Megan Kelly ’04
Mark and Debbie Kennedy
Bishop Donald J. Kettler
Br. Walter Kieffer ’64, OSB
Don and Mary Anne Kieser
W.F. (Fred) ’55 and Eileen Kiesner
Lisa ’02 and Josh King
Kenneth Kirsch
John ’70 and Linda Klein
James and Janet Knoblach
Frank ’58 and Margot Knoll
Jamie Kocourek ’06
Carol Koenig
Youngjee and Young Mok Koh
Jerry Kohl ’68
Daryl ’69 and Kathy Kohlhaas
John and Susan Kolb
Lori Koop ’78
Steven ’71 and Debra Koop
Sarah and Shannon Koskinen
Lynnae Kraemer
Heather and Daniel Kraft
Mary Krakow
Andrea Kramer ’87 and Kenneth Wong
Jon Krapfl ’59
Jim ’74 and Jill Krebsbach
Sherry and Jason Krebsbach
Jeffrey and Robin Kremer
Jerry ’66 and Linda Kremer
Scott W. Krupke
Traese and Mitch Kuhl
David Kurtz ’05 and Elizabeth Johnston
Stephen ’70 and Marcia Kwiecinski
Nick ’75 and Connie LaFond
Soren Lagaard ’05
William and Tina Lamberts
Derek Larson and Theresa Anderson
Jaime and Sally Larson
William Leach ’68
Carl ’62 and Jolene Leier
Adam Lepinski ’17
Ben Lepinski ’17
Isidore Lieser ’65
Tom and Katy Lindquist
Yueying Liu ’23
Joel Loecken ’86 and Michelle Latourelle
George ’66 and Kay Logajan
Tina and Lance Louis
Bob ’59 and Margaret Lutz
Tom Lux ’56 and Carolyn Britton
Joe Machtemes ’54
Jaceguai and Elen Magalhães
Richard Mahowald ’64
Linda Manders
Jane Marrin
Mike Marrin ’62
Bill ’61 and Peggy Marrin
Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.
Nadine Martin
Kurt and Jennifer Martinson
Wayne ’65 and Renee Maruska
Kathy and David Matthew
Sang Mi ’91 and Keegan Maxwell
Dan ’66 and Jeanne McCarthy
Matthew and Noel McClure
Barbara McConnell
John ’60 and Olivia McCormick
James ’63 and Nina McGee
Bill ’70 and Janet McGrath
Tony ’52 and Mary Beth Mediavilla
Medtronic Foundation
Milbert Meier ’63
Michael Mercil ’72
Jai Meyer
Jeny Meyer
Jeremy and Thi Meyer
Marvin and Rita Meyer
William Meyers ’12
Jeff and Susan Mies
Mitzi Millan
Doug and Dana Millaway
Charles and Jenny Miller
Harvey and Ida Miller
Bill ’65 and Ann Miller
Brian ’57 and Aleta Millette
Dennis Mishuk ’59
Gary ’65 and Barb Mitchell
Brian ’70 and Lisa Moehn
Paul ’52 and Ruth Mohrbacher
Regina and Matthew Mohs
Dr. Paul Moran
Melissa Moreton
Paula Muggli and Lon Enerson
Stephen and Lora Muggli
Michael and Laura Mullin
Mary and Joseph Mulvehill
Steve and Claudia Muntifering
Meghan Murphy ’09
Martin Nelson
Roger Newinski
William and Eleanor Nickles
Elaine Niebauer
Br. Paul-Vincent Niebauer, OSB
Laverne Nielsen
Nancy Niu
Carolyn Nolan
James ’69 and Diane Nolan
Dave ’57 and Beverly Norris
Lance and Pam Nydeen
Robert and Marilyn Obermiller
Bob ’63 and Kris O’Connell
Terrance ’68 and Martha Odean
Greg and Lourdes O’Leary
Veronica Oliva-Clour and Charlie Clour
Jay Ophoven ’90
Sue Palucci
Elizabeth Pasela
Jill and Jonathan Pauly
Chris Pazandak ’71 and Mary Jacques
Stacy and Derek Penk
Bob ’67 and Wendy Perez
Alicia Peters and Nick Campbell
Joseph ’59 and Margaret Peters
John ’70 and Deborah Peterson
Cathy Petheo
Marilyn Pettiette
Paul ’88 and Cindy Pfannenstein
Steve and Julie Pfannenstein
Steve Phelps
David and Mary Phipps
Mika Pieper-White
Sean Pittelko and Ulrika Wigert
Bernard and Maxine Pogatshnik
Vicky Prom-Becker and Shawn Becker
Sarah Pruett and John Merkle
Stephen Ramsey ’90
Tony ’84 and Jessica Randall
Ed Rath ’70
Elizabeth and Eric Reisinger
Jerry Relph
Debra Renckens
Harry ’66 and Jean Reynolds
Charles and Kay Richter
Leo Riegert Jr. ’84
Kaia and James Ringwald
David and Susan Roberts
Anne Rogan ’91
Clare Rogan ’86 and Michelle Emfinger
Michael ’73 and Peggy Roske
Carolyn Rubin
Allan ’65 and Mary Rudolph
Mary and Mark Rueter
Francis ’53 and Joan Ruf
Mike ’95 and Sarah Rysavy
Kari and Andrew Salzer
Kurt ’87 and Gina Salzl
William and Rita Samsa
Ken ’61 and Jerri Sande
Joan Scheid
Alice Scherer
Leona Schleper
Marcy and Dan Schleper
James ’65 and Sharon Schlick
Joe ’66 and Mary Jo Schlick
Georgia Schmid
Roger ’57 and Bobbie Schmisek
Al and Heidi Schneider
Gail Schneider
John and Vicki Schneider
Ray ’65 and Dianna Schulte
Richard ’70 and Monica Schulzetenberg
Charles ’70 and Nancy Schumacher
John ’68 and Carol Schutz
Mary and Kurt Schwieters
Kim and Stewart Schwinghammer
Michael ’74 and Jane Scully
John ’70 and Marian Seliski
Lisa and Todd Severnak
Colin and Linda Shepherd
Chuck Siebenand ’63 and Anna Marie Franco
Ed and Linda Sievert
Sucharita Sinha Mukherjee and Kingshuk Mukherjee
William Skudlarek OSB ’55
Brandon ’98 and Lora Smith
Lisa Sorenson
Richard Sovada
Tony ’79 and Jackie Spano
Joe ’52 and Betty Spano
Casey and Jason Spychala
St. Joseph Y2K Lions
Philip ’68 and Lois Stack
Wally Stang
Dan Stark and Kelly Haws
Stearns Electric Association Trust
Bob ’51 and Mary Ann Stenger
Richard and Joyce Stock
Chuck ’56 and Bobbi Stoetzel
Colette Stone
Jon ’85 and Rosario Stone
Thomas and Ann Stone
Thomas ’73 and Brigid Stoy
Scott Stroeing and Adris Brown
Richard Strong ’67
Kathy Suddendorf
Mary Suddendorf Braunwarth
Brian Sullivan ’10
Paul ’04 and Amanda Sullivan
Stephen ’71 and Jeanne Szczeck
Alivia Tacheny ’14
Rose and Greg Tacheny
Bill ’59 and Kathy Tembrock
Gary ’63 and Rebecca Terhaar
Tim Ternes
Gregory ’70 and Catherine Tetrault
The Minneapolis Foundation
Anna Theisen-Olson ’92 and Christopher Olson
Jeanine Theroux
Paula Thill
Beverly B. Thompson
Mary Beth and Charles Thompson
Dave ’65 and Dodi Thorman
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation
Donn ’56 and Patty Thurk
Stephen ’70 and Mae Tinguely
Cheryl Traeger
Ray ’65 and Mary Turcotte
Mark and Judy Twomey
Brian and Natalie Uhlenkamp
Michael Urbanos and Rosann Fischer
Chad and Tara Van Heel
Ana Carolina Vieira De Magalhães ’20
LaVonne Vix
Robert Vix ’95
William ’93 and Nicole Wagener
Dennis ’68 and Susi Wagner
Todd Wagner ’91
Jennifer Waldron ’92 and Brenda Fite
Christopher and Cathleen Wallyn
John ’85 and Geralyn Warneke
JoAnn Weber
Stephen and Kari Weber
Patty Weishaar
Marvin Weniger Jr. ’03
Christopher Wenner ’90 and Jennifer Caruso-Wenner
Jim ’89 and Sandy Wenner
Craig Westling and Seung-Lim Westling
Kelly White
Michael and Margaret White
Jen and Derek Whitehead
Whitehorse St. Germain, Inc.
Kerri Whittemore ’00
Bob Wicker ’60
Cheryl Wilhelmi & Brian Sjaaheim
Willenbring, Dahl, Wocken & Zimmermann, PLLC
Kasya Willhite ’91
Marlys and Richard Wolff
Scott and Mary Wolff
Beth ’05 and Ross Wood
Brandyn and Zhanna Woodard
Fr. David Wright, OP ’59
Eric and Angela Yanke
Yvonnie and Mike Yapuncich
Chet Young ’75
Buxiong Zeng and Feng Xiao
Li Zhang
Matthew and Christina Zink