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Dixie Boschee

English and Theology Teacher

Dixie Boschee is an English teacher at Saint John’s Prep. She teaches English and Theology for our 7th and 8th grade students. She’s earned a BA in communications from California State University, Northridge and a Master of Education from the University of Minnesota. Ms. Boschee spent six years teaching language arts to students in grades six through eight in the Moundsview and Wayzata districts before transitioning to Saint John’s Prep. During her time at Prep, she’s taught three International Baccalaureate courses for juniors and seniors, English Parts 1-3. She also taught courses in world literature, composition, and creative writing. Ms. Boschee has also served the Prep community as a college essay advisor, IB Extended Essay advisor and substitute teacher. 

“If I had one superpower, I would like to be able to communicate in any language, at any time, in any modality. This way, I could learn of other people’s lives, their culture, their stories. It would also be super helpful when traveling–which my husband and I truly value. While we have been to several continents, the one which keeps calling to us is Africa. The land, the animals, the cultures–and of course the best part–the people keep us coming back.  

When I am not traveling, I am reading, taking our dogs for walks, attempting to keep our cats off my books or laptop, and spending as much time as possible with my family and friends. In between, I like to nap. Naps are delicious.

You know when Dorothy says, “There’s no place like home”? Well, that is how I feel about this school. Prep is a special place–a genuine community. Students can be who they are or want to be. They can try on different selves in a supportive environment. Teachers want to help students discover new interests, enhance existing knowledge, and expand the way they define themselves, others, and the world. 

I enjoy teaching English because I love words and stories. I respect their power to move me, engage me, challenge me, and motivate me to do better, be better.”