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Global Experiences

The Melk Study Abroad Program

The Melk Program is a unique study abroad program in Austria. Saint John’s offers a yearlong travel/study option at the 900-year-old Benedictine Abbey of Melk in Melk, Austria. Melk is located on the Danube River about one hour west of Vienna by train. This program features a full academic curriculum enriched by travel throughout Austria and in other countries in Europe.

A group of students from Saint John’s attends the Gymnasium (high school) in Melk, perfecting their skills in the German language and attending a full schedule of academic courses. In addition, the Saint John’s students live with families in the area and experience the culture first hand. Saint John’s Prep students in grades 11 or 12 are invited to apply for the program. A post-graduate program is also available. Each year several students from the Gymnasium at Melk Abbey spend a semester studying at Saint John’s Prep.

This exchange program was begun in 1966 and is one of the oldest high school level exchange programs in the United States. The first group of Melkites, comprised of 16 students arrived at Melk on September 1, 1966.

"I am really proud of all the friends I have made, from all different cultures and countries. I love Saint John’s Prep because they make you feel as though you were home."
Patricio, student
"I enjoy Saint John's Prep because of the diversity of the student body, the welcoming and open community, and our passion for knowledge - students and teachers alike!"
Regan, student
"We sent our boys to prep because of its academic reputation and were more than satisfied with how Prep prepared them for life! It was an honor and privilege to send our sons to Prep! The investment by our family was worth every dime!"
Tom, parent