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Thank you for supporting out school and community! Whether you support our students at A Grand Tour of Nations, another event or simply want to offer a gift, we appreciate your support! Saint John’s Prep has a storied history, dating back to 1857. Saint John’s Prep has thrived because of the many parents, alumni, faculty and staff, and friends who have generously supported our mission over the years. Philanthropic support is critical to our work. Each year, our supporters invest in Saint John’s Prep with individual gifts of $5-$100,00+. The Saint John’s Prep Student Fund benefits all students and our unique programming. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of Saint John’s Prep students.

Student FUnd GIving – Your GIft makes an immediate impact

You are a vital part of our Saint John’s Prep community that continues to foster student development and shape ethical future leaders.  The Saint John’s Prep Student Fund supports every part of the student experience. Please consider a gift to the Student Fund to ensure that this school community we love is both maintained and provided the resources necessary to advance its mission for generations to come.  Make a gift today or call the Advancement Office at 1-800-525-7737.

"I enjoy Saint John's Prep because of the diversity of the student body, the welcoming and open community, and our passion for knowledge - students and teachers alike!"
Regan, student
"Great place for students to develop themselves and prepare for college and beyond. Each student is treated as an individual, instead of a number like other larger schools. The faculty and staff are well trained and prepared for their positions, and the extracurricular programs let students explore their interests in a friendly environment."
Seanan, Alum from Hong Kong
"We sent our boys to prep because of its academic reputation and were more than satisfied with how Prep prepared them for life! It was an honor and privilege to send our sons to Prep! The investment by our family was worth every dime!"
Tom, parent