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University Partnership Programs

What Colleges Look for in Successful Applicants

Begin with the End in mind

We engage our students not only as they are but in relation to all that they can become. Students at Saint John’s Prep courageously take intellectual and creative risks to discover their purpose and passions and to grow in mind, heart, and soul. Set on a spectacular 2,900-acre water and woodland campus with access to the tremendous resources of Saint John’s University and Saint John’s Abbey, our students have unparalleled opportunities to explore, discover, and create.

Saint John’s Prep partners with public and private colleges and universities to offer our students automatic admission and scholarship opportunities in higher education!


Beyond the benefit of sharing a spacious campus and resources with a University, our graduates have the opportunity for auto-admission and scholarship with our partner school. The minimum scholarship associated with this program is $15,000/year ($60,000 total) for up to four years!

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Saint John’s Prep University Pathway Programs offer international students guaranteed admission with a scholarship to our partner colleges and universities.

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Dear Parents Series: The evolving college search & application process

Ronne Turner, Vice Provost of Admission & Financial Aid at Washington University, and Todd Rinehart, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment at the University of Denver, sit down with Jon McGee, Head of School at Saint John’s Preparatory School for a conversation on the progression and changes of the college search and admission process.

"At Prep we have the ability to do and try so many things and that is such a blessing.  Students are encouraged to try new things despite never having done them before.  I have been encouraged to be more than just one type of person based on my activities; I can do sports, academic competitions, theatre, and clubs related to social good.  At other schools they don't blend all the interests of their students so freely and easily."
Libby, Student
"At Prep I can broaden my horizons, learn a lot of knowledge from different places and countries, and become a better person."
Annie, Student from China
"We sent our boys to prep because of its academic reputation and were more than satisfied with how Prep prepared them for life! It was an honor and privilege to send our sons to Prep! The investment by our family was worth every dime!"
Tom, parent
"Saint John's Prep is a very caring place.  The faculty and staff care a lot about their students."
Cassie, Student from China