Student & Parent resources

The links below provide current families with quick access to important websites and webportals. If you can’t find the information you need, please email the main office at SJPOFFICE@SJPREP.NET.

Please call the attendance line to report any absence or tardiness at 320-363-3315.

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Saint John’s Prep uses Schoology and Connect2Prep for communications between students, parents and faculty and staff. Connect2Prep is the official site for our business and registrar’s office and includes individual schedules, final semester grades and enrollment forms. Teachers, coaches and advisors use Schoology for daily updates, assignments and syllabuses for classes, sports teams, clubs and organizations. All sports and activity announcements are listed on Schoology.

Covid-19 Resources


Prep Forward Reopening Plan
Prep Forward Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Welcome Back ForumRecording from August 17th, 2020

Health & Safety

COVID-19 Updates and Information

Minnesota Department of Health
Centers for Disease Control

Working Together to Reduce the Spread of Disease

Protecting yourself and others
Mask Usage and Care
The Importance of Handwashing
Physical Distancing
When should I Quarantine?

Attendance & Absences

If a student will be absent from in-person instruction, a parent or guardian must report the absence by 7:30 a.m. on the same day. Absences must be reported by calling the main office at 320-363-3315 or e-mailing the main office at

Students may not excuse themselves. Students may attend school through eLearning, due to COVID-19. If a student is unable to attend in-person instruction, a parent must inform the office through the main attendance line.

Student Services

Guidance and Counseling

We know that school can present many challenges under normal circumstances. Our current reality may heighten some of the challenges our students face during this academic year. Please contact one of the following members of the Guidance Department should you have questions or concerns throughout the year.

Academics: Jen Whitehead
Social/Emotional Health: Kim Brown
College Counseling: Sara Zimmerman
International Student Advising: Anne Hershberger

Residential Life

Our residential life team is here to provide the best care for those students under their care. Should you have question or concerns about your child or matters related to residential life, please feel free to reach out. We are here to support you and your child.

Director of Residential Life: Ryan Brandon

Campus Ministry

As a school rooted in the Catholic Benedictine tradition, we seek to provide support for all students’ spiritual well-being and growth regardless of one’s faith tradition. Please feel free to contact our Director of Campus Ministry Br. Lucian Lopez, OSB if you wish to speak with someone about resources we have available to support one’s spiritual journey.

Director of Campus Ministry: Br. Lucian Lopez, OSB

Dining Services

While Prep School students do have access to dining services at Saint John’s University, we highly recommend that students bring a lunch from home when possible. Students will have access to the Prep School snack bar for pre-packaged food items (sandwiches, wraps, salads, etc.). There will not be hot meal options to begin the school year. For more information about SJU Dining services, you can check out their webpage – SJU Dining Services.

Financial Support

We recognize the financial and economic implications of a time like this and how families may be impacted. We want to assure you that our desire is to work with families in every possible way to address changes in financial situations as they occur. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Director of Finance, Sherry Krebsbach with any questions or concerns.

Executive Director of Finance & Facilities: Sherry Krebsbach

Student & Parent Testimonials

Saint John’s Prep uses student and parent testimonials as a way to showcase the benefits and experiences at our school while creating an emotional connection with prospective families. We are in the process of updating the student and parent testimonials that appear on the bottom of most pages in our website, and we need your input. Submit an entry at the link, and you could be published on the site!

"One of my greatest achievements is that I'm involved in a lot of sports and activities and I am still able to maintain good grades. I love the environment at Prep, everyone is friendly and the academics are very good."
Anna, student from St. Joseph
"My child loves it. Found a place that celebrates faith, uniqueness, talent and intellect."
Anne, parent
"At Saint John’s Prep, everyone here is very welcoming and everyone each has their own unique personality."
Brenna, student