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Campus Visit Incentive Program

We know that the single most effective way to attract more families to Saint John’s Prep is through referral by satisfied families! The Prep2Prep program rewards community efforts to bring more families to our school community.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Complete the current family portion of the campus tour referral form, detach it and give it to the new family interested in SJP.
  2. Direct the new family to our website to register for a tour at
  3. Request the new family complete their portion of the form and bring it with them when they come for their visit.
  4. For each new family that comes for a Discovery Day or campus visit, your child will receive $10 in Snack Bar Bucks to use during the 2021-22 school year. Or, trade your SBB for a Saint John’s Prep t-shirt!

Other Details:

  • This referral program is open to all families with 6th – 12th grade students enrolled at Saint John’s Prep.
  • Snack bar bucks are valid during the academic year they were awarded. Snack bar bucks earned over the summer can be applied to the following academic year (or traded in for a SJP t-shirt).
  • 1 campus visitor = $10 SBB reward (can be split between siblings).
  • There is no limit on the number of SBB a student can earn in one academic year.
  • Referral visitors must be a new family (you cannot earn SBB rewards for a sibling visitor or a family that has previously visited SJP).

THANK YOU for your choosing Saint John’s Prep for your child, and we are deeply grateful for your continued support!

Questions? Contact the Admission Team!