Beyond Ordinary

Saint John’s Prep is an independent college preparatory school guided by
Benedictine values for students in grades 6-12.

Students in grades six through twelve from diverse backgrounds immerse themselves in a learning environment surrounded by the natural beauty of our pristine woods and lakes shared with Saint John’s University and Saint John’s Abbey.

Students are challenged to engage deeply in learning; foster and participate in an inclusive community; and grow into adults who are intellectually adventurous, ethically sure-footed, and generous of heart and spirit. Students will believe in themselves, aspire to greatness, and view the world with a global perspective.

Saint John’s Prep is proud to have served the families of Central Minnesota and the world for 163 years. Our Benedictine school was founded on the bluff of the Mississippi River in St. Cloud, MN on November 10, 1857. In 1864, Saint John’s Prep moved to its present site in Collegeville. The current academic building, Saint Bede Hall, was built in 1962. The architects built the school on the hill overlooking Lake Sagatagan. The four floors of Saint John’s Prep main building were designed with all classrooms facing the woods and lake. All classrooms in Saint Bede Hall have a wall of windows in each classroom.

In 1998, a fifth floor wing was added with the Weber Center event space. In 2000, the Meyers Family Science Center with science labs and classrooms was added. In 2008, a 22,600 square foot addition was completed for our award-winning music program and Middle School classrooms.

We invite you to visit us and tour our beautiful campus!

"First of all, the community is amazing-- Not only the students, but the teachers as well. They really have a passion for teaching. Their love for a subject transforms learning into something fun. I know I’m getting a quality education at Saint John's Prep."
Grace, student
"I love Saint Johns' Prep because of the feeling that we have about each other. Everyone has a place and belongs here."
Lorinne, student
"One of my greatest achievements is that I'm involved in a lot of sports and activities and I am still able to maintain good grades. I love the environment at Prep, everyone is friendly and the academics are very good."
Anna, student from St. Joseph
"Saint John's Prep is a very caring place.  The faculty and staff care a lot about their students."
Cassie, Student from China
"The reason I wanted to come to Saint John's Prep is because the education is way better than my old school.  Also the campus offers a lot of opportunities for things to do.  I enjoy sitting in my spot in the woods, canoeing with classmates, learning about nature and the features of it right on campus.  Everyone is nice at SJP as they have a zero tolerance for bullying.  I appreciate the fact that Prep makes learning fun and meaningful.  I am excited to be a student at SJP!"
Andrew, Student
"My top reason for coming to Saint John's Prep is because of the people that bring kindness and comfort which makes Prep a special place."
Nimcy, Student