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Eric Yanke

Science Teacher

Mr. Yanke is a science teacher who teaches upper school chemistry. He is also the advisor for National Honor Society

Outside of his work at Saint John’s Prep, Mr. Yanke has also taken part in the 3M Twist Program. It’s an opportunity for science, technology and math teachers to get real world experience and learn about new things that happen in industrial labs. The program’s goal is to send educators back to the classroom with that real-world knowledge.

“I worked in the infection prevention division and participated in research. The biggest takeaway was discovering how the company encourages creativity with their researchers. The staff has the freedom to be curious and not necessarily take the linear path. I hope to encourage my students in the same way. I want to encourage my own students to try new things and not be afraid of failure. I’d like them to realize it is okay to get a less than perfect result immediately. I want my students to learn and enjoy the process.”