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Student Support Services

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begin with the end in mind.

With a 90:1 student to counselor ratio, and a relationship that begins at the time of enrollment, our students benefit from personal attention and consistent guidance throughout the college and career exploration process.

Our student support services team assists students with college and career exploration and preparation, learning accommodation plans, social and emotional learning, and international student transition.

College Counseling

Students meet with a college counselor to guide them in the college admission process, assisting with college search, application preparation, and institution selection. There are opportunities for ACT, SAT, and TOEFL test preparation throughout the school year, and transportation is provided to local testing sites.

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Academic Support

Our student support services team work collaboratively with parents, faculty, and residential life staff to provide wrap around support for our students. Counselors do regular individual check-ins with students to provide tools to help support their academic success. We offer some academic accommodations including extended time, quiet testing spaces, and structured study halls to name a few.

Social Emotional Learning

Being college and career ready goes beyond academics in the classroom – it also means having the skills to identify and deal with emotions, manage relationships with others, negotiate conflict, and the ability to recognize and  make good choices.

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International Student Advisor

Our international students travel thousands of miles from their home country and our International Student Advisor is available to assist in their transition to our community – this person helps with everything from understanding the language to making new American friends. This advisor also assists with English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) instruction to help students acquire the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills needed for intercultural communication and cross-curricular academic success.

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