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College Prep at Prep:
How SJP Guides Students Toward Post-Graduation Success

College Prep at Prep: How SJP Guides Students Toward Post-Graduation Success

Saint John’s Prep introduces college preparation to our students early in their educational career. Starting in Grade 6 and continuing through their final year at Saint John’s Prep, students and their families are connected with personalized resources, support and preparation to strengthen their confidence in their college readiness.

Saint John’s Prep knows that every student’s post-graduation path will be unique to their interests and career goals. Students are encouraged to explore their strengths, passions, and possible career pathways as early as Grade 6, and awareness of college options and opportunities is woven into their day-to-day. Upper School students may take International Baccalaureate (IB) courses as well as classes from Saint John’s University and the College of Saint Benedict. The high academic standards and achievement associated with these courses are beneficial to students as they begin the college application process.

Pre-SAT and pre-ACT test prep begins in Grade 7 and continues through Grade 11, allowing students to see how their scores improve over time. Repeated exposure to practice SAT and ACT test structure and questions helps students build familiarity with the material, reducing anxiety and increasing their sense of control over their test performance. 

From the outset of their college preparation journey, Saint John’s Prep students feel secure in the knowledge that they are supported by our licensed counselors and the significant preparatory resources at their disposal. Beginning in Grade 9, students have regular one-on-one meetings with their counselor, and these important touch points only increase as they approach graduation day. Additionally, Saint John’s Prep partners with public and private colleges and universities to offer our students automatic admission and scholarship opportunities in higher education.

One Class of 2021 graduate, attending the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities in the fall, said their college application process at Saint John’s Prep was comprehensive and supportive: “The college counselor helped me by motivating me to get common applications done by a specific time. She also helped us understand the financial aspect of college at our family meeting.” 

Another Class of 2021 grad, planning to attend a university in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, said their Prep counselor “helped the most by being incredibly patient during [the] process as well as offering any resources she had to help and constantly making time for [them] to figure out the knots in the process.” 

Ultimately, the strength of Saint John’s Prep’s college preparation process is proven in our students’ 100% college readiness. Armed with the confidence instilled in them by the Saint John’s Prep college preparatory experience, students are empowered to choose the school that is the right fit for them academically, financially and contextually. The list of colleges and universities to which Prep students have been accepted reflects the depth and breadth of self-knowledge and academic achievement fostered by their time at Saint John’s Prep. 

If you’re a prospective Saint John’s Prep student or parent interested in learning more about how we prepare students for post-graduation success, please contact our Admission Team.

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