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Sara Zimmerman

College Counselor

Sara (Lofstrom) Zimmerman is a college counselor for Saint John’s Prep.
Before joining Saint John’s Prep, Sara worked at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy as an Admissions Counselor, Career Counselor and Course Instructor and Manager of Recruiting and Marketing. She has guidance counseling experience with Minneapolis Public Schools and St. Paul Public Schools. In addition, Sara recently returned from a 2 year position at the International School Dhaka where she was the Head of College Counseling. Sara brings an excitement and deep knowledge base to our College Counseling program.

At Prep, Sara focuses on partnering with each student and their family to create a personalized plan for their college and career goals. She has a passion for education and the journey of personal growth students experience throughout their formative years.

Ms. Zimmerman grew up in Minneapolis and was an exchange student to Honduras for a semester in Grade 12. Speaking Spanish, dancing and traveling have been some of her favorite activities ever since! Ms. Zimmerman has traveled to over 35 countries, but always comes back to Minnesota.