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Jenny Hengel

Saint John’s Outdoor University Instructor

Jennifer Hengel is part of the science department at Saint John’s Prep.  She teaches the Upper School Nature and the Naturalist Experience and Outdoor Skills classes at Saint John’s Prep. Ms. Hengel is also on the staff at Saint John’s University as a faculty member with SJU Outdoor University. Alongside her classes at Prep, Ms. Hengel also runs a outdoor education summer camp, provides community programming, and works with the K-12 programming at the Saint John’s Arboretum.

Ms. Hengel earned her Bachelor of Arts in Wildlife Biology with a minor in GIS from Saint Cloud State University. She earned her Masters of Education in Natural Science and Environmental Education from Hamline University

Ms. Hengel enjoys sharing her experiences with students about nature, and watching them get excited about phenomenon they observe about the natural world. She appreciates the the Prep school’s amazing outdoor spaces, and she enjoys sharing it with students.

Ms. Hengel has a passion for all creatures in nature, but she has a soft spot for insects, other arthropods, and plants! In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, exploring nature, reading fantasy and science fiction books, and spending time with her family.