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Dear Alumni and Friends,

I often am asked what makes Prep distinctive. It’s a question that deserves a thoughtful response. At our opening convocation last August, I challenged our students to approach the new academic year through the lens of four themes:

  • LEAD from where you are. Leadership comes in many forms but is rooted in the expression of your best self.
  • LEAVE the people you meet and the places you touch better than you found them. This requires both a keen intellect and a commitment to community.
  • LIVE with joy and purpose. Joy and purpose together can in fact change the world for good.
  • LOVE something greater than yourself. Love gives meaning to purpose.

At Prep, we develop minds with a heart and hearts with a mind. These themes are hardly new. They are rooted in Benedictine spirituality and have always defined the Saint John’s Prep experience, giving it purpose and meaning beyond a constellation of courses and activities. Together, they characterize an extraordinary experience of community and common purpose and serve as our greatest sources of distinction.

We’ve had a very good year at Prep. We enrolled 288 students last fall, three percent more than in 2021-22 and the highest since fall 2014. Our students this year represent 16 different nations and come from 29 different communities in Minnesota. We were again rated the #1 Catholic high school in Minnesota, ranked among the top 5% of all college prep private high schools in the country, and cited as one of only five high schools in Minnesota among the top 500 schools in the country for STEM education. The school is alive with energy, imagination, and creativity.

It is a remarkably exciting time at Saint John’s Prep. This winter, we will complete planning for the largest curricular change at the school in a generation, which will culminate with the August 2023 launch of the Aspire to Excellence curriculum. Designed by our faculty, the new curriculum will challenge our students as deeply creative thinkers, intellectual risk-takers, and imaginative problem-solvers. It will create experiences that are both distinctive and distinctively Prep. At the same time, we also are fully engaged in fundraising activities that promise to expand student access and opportunity, secure our long-term commitment to global education, support teaching excellence, and significantly enhance our students’ athletic experience. As a school, we will continue to dream, to aspire, and to live and act with a forward cast.

Each day, our students provide a glimpse of a remarkable and hopeful future. When I walk our hallways or visit classrooms, I see promise, possibility, and potential. We are deeply grateful for your continuing support of our students and our school.

With gratitude,

Jon McGee
Head of School
Saint John’s Preparatory School

We are Grateful

Thank you for supporting Saint John’s Prep! Your financial support has an enormous impact on our students and, in turn, on our school and community. Your gifts help families make a Saint John’s Prep education possible. Your generosity supports our students and allows them to graduate and succeed in college and life.

Our graduates successfully transition to college and on to careers in technology, the arts, public service, healthcare, business and education. Thank you for continuing our legacy of creating considerate and thoughtful global citizens.

Your support of our students not only makes the difference in their lives, it enriches our community and world for generations to come. For your support, we are very grateful



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We are grateful for our
 alumni, family and friends
  for supporting us during
fiscal year 2022.

"Without your generosity, we would be unable to provide a Catholic Benedictine college preparatory experience. You are shaping the lives of young men and women who I am convinced will make a significant impact in our world."
Aaron Miller, Vice President of Advancement