Residence Hall Transformation

St. Michael Hall Donor Recognition

This project would not be possible without your contributions.


Chris ‘66 and Darla Twomey
Kevin O’Malley ‘69 and Marcia Steyaert

$100,000 – $499,999

Nancy and John Berg in honor of Fr. Arnold Weber, OSB
Saint John’s Abbey

$50,000 – $99,999

Clay ‘84 and Mary Hamlin
Larry ‘60 and Renee Jordan
Lois and John Rogers
Julius C. Smith ‘48
Joe ‘68 and Diana Twidwell

$25,000 – $49,999

Tom ‘68 and Jann Atkins
Gerald O’Brien ‘70
The Kurt and Gina Salzl Family
Michael ‘66 and Cassandra Savard in memory of Ellen and Kaiser Savard
Alan ‘79 and Kathryn Stone

$10,000 – $24,999

John and Margaret Arnold Family
Gary and Kay Bechtold
Benschoter Family – John, Bonita, Jessica ’92 and Blake ’94
Jay Boehmler ‘93 and Deb Keymer Boehmler ’93 in memory of Fr. Nicholas Doub, OSB
Brian Smith & Dixie Boschee
Breitbach Construction
Guy and Michelle (Ives) ’86 Carlson
Weidong Du and Baoe Yang
Bryant and Emily Fritz / El-Jay Plumbing
Kenneth Gutzwiller ‘56
Don ‘55 and Marion Hall
Mike and Karel Helgeson in memory of Fr. Mark Thamert, OSB
Yi Jin and Zhuo Zhang
Paul Jungquist ’80
In Memory of Al & Jean Leighton
Scott ‘93 and Sonja Safer
Sentra-Sota Sheet Metal Inc.
Bob ‘68 and Anne Mahowald
Jon and Ann McGee
David Meyers and Catherine O’Link-Meyers
Scott ’93 and Sonja Safer
Sentra-Sota Sheet Metal Inc.
Yvonne Schilplin
Bob ‘66 and Barb Schultz
J.R. and Jane Spalj
Ann Marie Stock ‘78 and David Campagna
Rachel Wenner Ruzanic ‘95 and Ted Ruzanic
Leo E. Stenger ’22 and Robert L. Stenger ’51
Thomas ‘66 and Mary Weiss
Peter ‘70 and Virginia Wolters
Steve ‘68 and Susan Zimmerman

$5,000 – $9,999

Class of 1949
Chuck Buettner ’93
Patrick ’67 and Carol Carey
Martin ’82 and Suzanne Ellis
John ‘68 and Peg Faber
Bob ‘68 and Natalie Fix
Allen ‘68 and Connie Gilbert
Louie ’49 and Eileen Gottwalt
Gray Plant Mooty Foundation
Mike ‘67 and Ann Hammer
Wendy ‘90 and Spencer Hulsebus
Kevin ‘68 and Kimberly Kelley
Mark Krebsbach Family Foundation
Michael Monaghan ’57 in memory of Mary Jane Monaghan
Jim Noonan ’73 and Margaret Schaus
John ‘68 and Carol Schutz
Dave ’65 and Dodi Thorman
Brian ‘68 and Deb Thuringer
Ray ’65 and Mary Turcotte
Michael ’65 and Dorothy Vanderlinden
Jim ‘68 and Pam Verstraete
Wayne ‘68 and Phyllis Zenk

$2,500 – $4,999

Gretchen A. Agee
Thomas Berger ‘55
Jeffrey DeBevec ‘65 and Sarah Balinskas In Memory of Joseph and Dorothy Debevec
John ‘66 and Debra Hoefs
Kenny ‘03 and Catherine Holtz
Dan ’64 and Linda Marrin
Gerry ’52 and Lorraine Sande
Mark ’68 and Anne Selner in memory of Mike Selner ’57
John Sipe ’61
Tom and Lori Stock
John ‘68 and Christine Twohy
Ron Tavis ’56 In Honor of Fr. Gordon Tavis, O.S.B

$1,000 – $2,499

Ronald Ahmann ’66
Angie and Jason Baszler
Timothy Bechtold ’80 and Karen Knudsen
Harry and Judie Buerman in memory of Fr. Eric Buermann, OSB
The Carreras Family Philanthropic Fund in honor of Kelsey & Leykza
CNSA Architechts
James ’54 and Debra Corcoran
Jeffrey ‘65 and Sarah DeBevec
Brian ’70 and Chizuko Deeny
Gregory DeWitt ‘69
Leigh Dillard and John Taylor
John ‘58 and Julie Ditzler
East Side Glass
Mary Sue Ellinger in memory of William Ellinger
Fitzgerald Family
Todd Flanders
John ’67 and Jeanne Fraune
Richard J. Galena ‘67
James ‘69 and Devon Goetz
Ed ‘74 and Donna Goossens
John Gutzwiller ‘87
Gray, Plant, Mooty, Mooty & Bennett, P.A.
Cindy and Lowell Haagenson
Ryan ’95 and Nichole Hemker
Larry Herges ’62
Jeff ’03 and Emily Higgins
John Hoffman ’58
Charles ‘72 and Valerie Huck
Lee ‘68 and Max Jordan
Judith Kading ‘84
Fr. Michael Kaluza ‘86
John ’58 and Patricia Kemper
Patricia Kress
Larry ‘66 and Jean Larsen
Martin ‘69 and Coby LaVenture
Bob ‘79 and Lydia Leighton
Jeff ‘88 and Beth Leighton
Mary Jo Leighton ‘80
David Lickteig ’62
Wei Lu and Juan Cai
J. Brian ‘65 and Evelyn Martin
Michael ‘68 and Stella McCauley
Tom ’56 and Linda McGraw In Memory of Fr. Arnold Weber
Thomas ‘60 and Lynn McKasy
Tom ’56 and Linda McGraw in memory of Fr. Arnold Weber
Milbert Meier ’63
Daniel W. Meinz, Ph.D. ‘73
Aaron and Jen Miller
Michael and Laurie Mullin, in recognition of our nine alumni children: Andrew ’01, Jacob ’03, Peter ’04, Rebekah ’05, Ana ’07, Luke ’09, Isaac ’10, Rachel ’11 and James ’13
John ‘67 and Janet Murphy
Katherine McCauley Najjar ‘99 & Elijah Najjar
Dr. Dawn Nichols, Ed.D.
Michael ’57 and Diane Noll
Bruce ’59 and Patricia Perrizo
Charles ’53 and Ana Pilon
In memory of Roger and Jane Reuter
Harry ‘66 and Jean Reynolds
Charles ‘58 and Lucy Rieland
Michael ’73 and Peggy Roske
David ‘61 and Eileen Rutten
Robert Schmelzer ‘61
William ‘58 and Donna Mae Schneider
Bill and Lynn Schnettler
Tom and Myra Schrup
Chad Spahn and Sarah Pasela
Marc Smith ’77
Joel ‘66 and Diane Strangis
Ron ’56 and Marty Tavis in honor of Fr. Gordon Tavis, OSB
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation
James ‘68 and Carol Wacek
Mark Walbran ’67
Lawrence Whalen ‘52
Bob Wind ‘49

raising the bar

For more than 50 years, Saint Michael Hall has served as the dorm for our young men. In contrast, for more than 45 years our young women have not had a place they can fully experience Benedictine hospitality and community. The renovation of Saint Michael Hall will allow us to fulfill our mission and provide a facility that serves our entire school community, resident and day students.

Two Residence Halls

Saint Michael Hall will be re-configured into two gender specific residence halls.

Safety and Security

Saint Michael Hall will be updated with the most current security features to ensure student safety at all times.

Creation of Community Gathering Spaces

A common lounge and kitchen will be central to the residence hall, allowing for healthy social interaction between all students, day and resident.

Introduction of Natural Lighting

Windows will play a significant part in the design, allowing natural light to permeate the space.

Creation of Adequate Staff Housing

Staff apartments will be developed within Saint Michael Hall to provide adequate and appropriate space for the Director of Residential Life and the Resident Directors who provide guidance and direction to the young men and women in their care.

First-Class Residential Facility

Creating a first-class residential facility to complement our first-class academic program and co-educational activities.

Heart of Community Life

Creating a space where young women and men, residential and day, can interact to achieve academic success, personal growth, and lifelong friendships.

Commitment to Diversity and Growth

Honoring the past and securing the future by providing a diverse group of students opportunities to become world citizens, innovative leaders, and creative thinkers.

Fr. Arnold Weber, OSB would often say, “I think there are two types of people in the world today. Those who say “whatever” and those who say “whatever it takes.

For John and Nancy Berg, former parishioners at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Community, and countless Saint John’s Prep alumni, Fr. Arnold Weber, OSB inspired and shepherded them on their faith journey. Fr. Arnold worked tirelessly to build strong communities wherever he served. Nancy and John wanted to find a way to honor him and the values he sought to nurture in everyone he came in contact with. Nancy and John committed a lead gift to honor Fr. Arnold in the community gathering space that will be at the center of the newly renovated resident hall and invite others to join them in this effort.

I have to believe there are 450 alumni and friends of Prep who can each give $1,000 to close the gap. I care deeply about the Prep school and am happy to do my part.

Bob Schmelzer, ’61

I believe that who we are is the sum of the things that influenced our lives. My time at Saint John’s Prep came when I needed direction, and it set the foundation for me being receptive to all that would be offered to me in the future. I am blessed to now be able to give back to SJP.”

Joe Twidwell, ’68

Thank You!

Thank you to the Current and Alumni Parents and Grandparents who have supported this important project.

John and Margaret Arnold
Gary and Kay Bechtold
John and Bonita Benschoter
Dennis and Jeanne Carreras
Dan and Amanda DeMars
Weidong Du and Baoe Yang
Gene ‘61 and Dottie Eisenschenk
Mary Sue Ellinger
Mike and Karel Helgeson
Ken ‘56 Gutzwiller
Wendy ‘90 and Spenser Hulsebus
Tom ‘53 and Sharon Jaeb
Yi Jin and Zhuo Zhang
Bob ‘79 and Lydia Leighton
Mary Jo Leighton ‘80
David Lickteig ’62
Roger ‘49 and Heidi Linnemann
Wei Lu and Juan Cai
Bob ‘68 and Ann Mahowald
Michael ‘68 and Stella McCauley
Jon and Ann McGee
David Meyers and Catherine O’Link-Meyers
Aaron and Jen Miller
Michael and Laurie Mullin
Jack and Joanne Piche
John and Lois Rogers
William and Rita Samsa
Yvonne Schilplin
Tom and Myra Schrup
Julius Smith ‘48
J.R. and Jane Spalj
Tom and Lori Stock
Rachel Wenner Ruzanic ‘95 and Ted Ruzanic
Christopher and Cathleen Wallyn
Joe ‘63 and Mary Wenner

Whether you would like to honor a faculty or staff member, your parents, or others who made your education possible. We invite you consider a gift to support this important project.


Donate Now

countdown to completion

Seeing your name or that of a loved on in the newly renovated Saint Michael Hall is one way you, your family or business can leave a lasting legacy while supporting the Saint John’s Prep community and enhancing the lives of the students we serve. Your gift or pledge of $1,000 or more will be permanently recognized on the campaign donor wall. As we make the finishing touches on this project, please take time to discuss this opportunity with your business, family, or community group as an investment in the Saint John’s community and a chance to enhance the lives of Prep students. You can make your gift in honor of, in memory of, or in celebration of someone who has meant a lot to you, your family, or your organization

You hold the key to the future

make the difference

Please join us in making this dream a reality and pledge your commitment to this effort. Your gift will breathe new life
into our traditional past, ensuring that each student will have the opportunity to develop into their best self.

Gifts may be paid over a period of time not to exceed 5 years. Gifts of $1000 or more will be permanently recognized as part of the campaign.

Sponsor a Student Room – $10,000

A student room may be sponsored with a gift of $10,000. Remember a special prefect, teacher, or perhaps the people who made your education at Saint John’s Prep possible. As as a thank you, your name will be acknowledged on the room sign.