Establish a Scholarship

Saint John’s Prep is blessed to be able to offer financial assistance through scholarships created by alumni, parents and friends.

Creating an Endowed Scholarship Fund is one of the easier ways to make a significant, positive, and permanent impact on the SJP students of today and tomorrow. A permanently endowed scholarship fund (the principal is never spent) of $25,000 or more allows the donor to name the scholarship fund as they wish. The endowed fund can be established with a pledge and then completed with payments over a period of time or with proceeds from an estate. Company matching gift programs can also be used to help complete a fund.

Endowed Scholarship Funds can be created with cash, gifts of stock or other real property, real estate, assets from an IRA, 401 (k), or insurance policy, testamentary gifts, beneficiary designations, trusts, or almost any kind of asset. A Named Fund can be created now and funded later with proceeds from an estate.

There are currently 63 permanent, named funds already established at the Prep School. Earnings from these funds are used for scholarships and other donor-directed purposes.

Click here for a full list of scholarships.

In 2015-2016, 72% of our U.S. students receive scholarships, ranging between $250 and a full scholarship.

What will your Prep School Legacy Be?

The Prep School depends on its endowed scholarships for need-based scholarships and other donor-designated purposes. Growth of current endowed scholarships and the creation of new scholarships will allow talented and motivated students to be a part of the Prep School legacy. Contact a member of the Advancement team (1-800-525-7737) to learn how you can establish a scholarship today.


"I love Saint Johns' Prep because of the feeling that we have about each other. Everyone has a place and belongs here."
Lorinne, student
"I am really proud of all the friends I have made, from all different cultures and countries. I love Saint John’s Prep because they make you feel as though you were home."
Patricio, student
"Excellent middle and high school, top notch students and staff!"
Rebecca, parent