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Classroom Achievement Is Driven By Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes are our way of maintaining high academic standards at Saint John’s Prep. Recently, we’ve been honored with a number of high rankings for private, boarding and Catholic schools, in part because of our test scores and low student-teacher ratio.

High ACT Scores

Our average student’s ACT score is 28.3 for the class of 2017, far above the national average of 21. Scores have continued to rise across Minnesota to an average of 21.5, and students at Saint John’s Prep have continued to make us proud by raising our average ACT score over the past few years.

School Rankings

Test by tjevans

Our community of students and parents, faculty and staff have been honored as the:


Let’s look deeper into how small class sizes can affect student achievement, and why Saint John’s Prep is a great choice for your student! Contact us for more information about enrolling.

Why Are Small Class Sizes Important?

study by the National Center for Education Statistics showed class size is one of the most reliable predictors of higher academic performance. The study points out secondary school students – like those at Saint John’s Prep – are even more likely to benefit from smaller class sizes than elementary students. It specifically points out reading scores as a statistically significant impact of smaller class sizes.

It’s noted that smaller class sizes can result in more individualized and effective instruction, more complete curriculum coverage and greater student involvement in activities, all hallmarks of attending Saint John’s Prep, where the student-teacher ratio is 9:1

Everyone at our school has worked together to create an environment which fosters learning, asking tough questions and building each other up to achieve these rankings! From small class sizes to student involvement in class and after school, everyone has played their part.