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Some beautiful masterpieces were created.

A New Platform Explored with Mrs. Anderson

During spring break, I completed an online graduate course on technology use in the classroom. While exploring many of different technology platforms for students, I came across one that I absolutely loved.  Book Creator is a web based platform that allows students multiple ways to be creative. On our last official day in the classroom before closing due to COVID, I quickly had the students all create Book Creator accounts so that if eLearning really happened, I had a fantastic platform to explore with the students.  Thank goodness, I used that Thursday to get this program working for the students!

Here’s how we are using Book Creator through our online learning.

In language arts, my students are reading the book, Tangerine.  As they read, they take pictures of different passages of the text. These, “Book Snaps” as they are called are put into their Tangerine book in Book Creator.  The students then are able to leave me a recording explaining why they chose to “snap” this part of the book.  As I grade, I get to hear their voices explain their connections, thoughts and feelings about the book.  I love hearing their voices it keeps me connected to my students.  All their work is automatically saved in Book Creator there’s no drop box to submit.  I just go to Book Creator and view their work.

The other way I have been using Book Creator is with our Writing Workshop course.  Just before we went to online learning, the students had finished writing a personal narrative. After working on some revision techniques, the students each published their narrative online using Book Creator.  Mr. Dwyer and I worked together to have this be a duo class assignment.  They created their pictures for art class, but used them in their narratives for Writer’s Workshop. Some beautiful master pieces were created. We are now working on a second creation with the same partnership between writing and art.

You can see a few examples of student work below:

Distance Learning has proven to be a challenge in so many ways, but I know that Book Creator is will be a part of my curriculum for years to come.

Mary Anderson

5th & 6th Grade Faculty
Saint John’s Preparatory School

Mary Anderson is a 5th and 6th grade teacher. She teaches language arts, social studies and writer’s workshop. She joined Saint John’s Prep in 2010, with 34 years of experience in elementary education in St. Cloud. She earned her Bachelor of Arts, majoring in elementary education, from the College of Saint Benedict (CSB). In addition, she earned her Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from St. Cloud State University (SCSU).

Mary and her husband, Scott, have two older children. In her spare time, Mary enjoys walking, reading and visiting the mountains of Montana as much as possible.