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“I hosted the first online drawing party as a community event.”

Building Community Through Art with the Class of 2020

Last Friday, Carol and I hosted the first online drawing party as a community event for National Honor Society. What we had originally planned was a second annual Bob Ross Painting Party that we successfully hosted last spring. With about a dozen participants, we watched a Bob Ross mountain and lake landscape tutorial found on YouTube and painted along while watching. It was a very fun event with lots of variations in our final results.

Unfortunately, since we are no longer able to gather due to COVID-19, all student events were cancelled for the remainder of the year. However, our faculty encouraged us to still be active members of National Honor Society and to try and bring a small part of our community together. We came up with the idea to bring the painting party online. Instead of using paints and canvases as we knew not everyone who wanted to participate had them, we turned to good old fashioned colored pencils and paper.

The drawing we did was a simple beach scene with colored pencils and our group was mostly seniors, accompanied by Mr. Yanke, Herr Beck, and Ms. Daiker. The drawing took only about an hour to complete, but we all visited for another 30 minutes afterwards. One thing I think all of us students miss is simply talking with not only our friends, but other people from our classes, including our teachers. As a student, I genuinely enjoyed simply visiting and talking with my teachers in and outside of class. This event was a nice way to reconnect with friends and the faculty and a reminder of how we should not take our time together in school for granted.

We plan to continue doing this event on Fridays as long as people enjoy participating! Please feel free to view our Drawing Party on the Saint John’s Preparatory School facebook page and draw with us!


Justine Meyer
Class of 2020
Saint John’s Preparatory School




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