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“Boarding schools are an excellent option for a focused and enriching education.”

Benefits of Attending a Boarding School

A boarding school education is not what Hollywood makes it out to be: a school for elite or struggling children. Conversely, boarding schools are an excellent option for any parent who is looking for a focused and enriching education for their child – one that helps prepare them for life success. The benefits of living at a boarding school are limitless!

Boarding school life fosters independence

In a boarding school environment, your child is surrounded by teachers, staff members and dorm parents who support them and champion not only their academic success but their personal growth as well. Living in a dorm with their peers allows your child to do things for themself that we as parents would typically feel compelled to do for them…and as their independence grows, so does their self-confidence. 

Boarding school life translates into more individualized instruction 

Because boarding school classrooms boast class sizes ½-⅓ the size of traditional public and private school classrooms, your child will have many more opportunities to interact with teachers, ask questions and engage with course material. Boarding school students are challenged academically in a supportive educational environment. They develop strong bonds with faculty and staff and are thereby supported in mind, body and spirit throughout their education. 

Boarding school life instills life skills 

The life skills your child learns at boarding school go far beyond making their bed and doing their own laundry. Children who attend boarding school develop greater self-motivation. They manage their time more effectively, working hard to prioritize their studies, extracurricular activities and downtime. Because boarding students live in close quarters with their peers, they also develop strong interpersonal skills and become effective communicators with conflict resolution competence. 

Boarding school life provides more leadership opportunities 

The Association of Boarding Schools reports that 77% of boarding school students feel that their school offers leadership opportunities while only 60% of private school day students and 52% of public school students agree.

A smaller student body combined with an abundance of avenues for getting involved makes leadership roles accessible to every student across a variety of strengths and interests. Whether it’s serving as a school newspaper editor or as the manager of a sports team, your child will develop strong leadership skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. 

Boarding school life helps prepare students for college life 

Boarding school students work hard. They focus on their academics, surrounded by peers who have their sights on college. In the same study, 87% of boarding school graduates feel very prepared for college academia while only 71% of private school day student graduates and 39% of public school graduates agree. Living and learning in a boarding school environment help better prepare your child for undergraduate and postgraduate success. 

Boarding school life offers kids more active and creative time 

Boasting 25% more active time per week than private day schools or public schools, students have the opportunity to compete in sports, oftentimes in state-of-the-art facilities. Swimming, basketball, hockey, nordic skiing, golf, softball, tennis…these are a few of the many sports that boarding schools may offer. High school students who play sports are more academically successful than students who don’t, according to a study by the National Center for Education Statistics. They are physically and mentally healthier, more physically fit and cultivate leadership skills that they take with them throughout their lives. Student athletes also have a greater sense of belonging and are more likely to prioritize physical fitness in their adult lives. 

Statistically, boarding school students spend 6 hours in creative endeavors each week, as opposed to 4 for public schools or 5 for private day schools. Acting, making music, creating visual art, writing for student publications…there are many ways for your boarding student to get involved in creative activities. Some boarding schools even boast art museums and performing art centers! Students who invest their time in this way benefit from a more well-rounded education

From growing in independence, gaining life skills and taking on leadership roles to receiving individualized instruction, accessing bountiful extracurricular activities and gaining extensive college-prep experience, boarding schools offer innumerable student benefits.

Do you think boarding school could be a good fit for your child?

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