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Program Spotlight:
World languages

Program Spotlight: World Languages

Developing global perspectives is an important part of the well-rounded curriculum at Saint John’s  Prep. From our rigorous ​International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme​ that prepares students  for the college experience domestically and beyond, to our year-long study-abroad  program in Austria, Saint John’s Prep students are afforded ​every opportunity to broaden their cultural horizons.​ Students are encouraged to immerse themselves in the world  language of their choosing, including:


Spanish language courses are offered at levels 3-6. In addition to strengthening their reading, composition and conversational skills, students will also explore the rich cultures of Spanish-speaking countries in both Europe and the Americas. An International Baccalaureate course, taught entirely in Spanish, is offered to prepare students for the IB Spanish B Exam. 


Saint John’s Prep offers German language courses at an introductory level through to level 4, in addition to IB German (levels 5 and 6). Beginning with Exploratory German and German I, students will be introduced to German vocabulary and culture, and develop their understanding of the language through reading, writing and conversing.  


Chinese language courses are offered from an elementary level (Exploratory Chinese) to Level 4 at Prep, with Levels 5 and 6 combined with IB Chinese. Our beginners’ level starts with Chinese Pinyin and characters. Students continue to develop their skills through listening, reading, speaking and writing. Chinese culture is incorporated at every level, allowing students to enhance their global understanding and provide context for their studies.

Study abroad & cultural exchange opportunities

The Melk Study Abroad Program

The Melk Study Abroad program is a unique, year-long study and travel program for students in Grades 11 or 12 offered by Saint John’s Prep in conjunction with the 900-year-old Benedictine Abbey of Melk in Melk, Austria. Participants study a full academic curriculum at  the Gymnasium (high school) in Melk, in addition to perfecting their skills in the German language. Their experience is enriched by their time living with local families, traveling throughout Austria and other European countries, and first-hand exposure to Austrian culture. We also have a one month exchange program for high school students from Germany in partnership with the Friendship Connection Exchange Program.

Faces & Our cultures Exchange program

Saint John’s Prep is proud to participate in Faces & Our Cultures, a 7.5-week cultural exchange program with students from Guatemala. Families with an interest in cultural enrichment are invited to apply to host young Guatemalan Cultural Ambassadors during their time studying and sharing their culture with Saint John’s Prep.

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No matter which language students choose to immerse themselves in during their time at Saint John’s Prep, they’ll receive a comprehensive education that centers real-world context and cultures in addition to building linguistic fluency and intercultural perspectives. ​Contact us today​ to learn more about our global approach to our curriculum and extracurricular programs.

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