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How A Private High School Can Benefit Your Teen

As a private high school, our main goal is to ensure your teen is fully prepared to succeed in college and life, no matter where in the world they go. Whether that’s in the realm of business, politics, biology, athletics, technology or sociology, we’ll provide your teen with a path forward and teachers and classmates to help grow and encourage their dreams.

Learn more about our academic standards here, check out our rankings on here, and learn more about hour our private high school can benefit your teen!

The Saint John’s Prep Private High School Environment

College Prep & Academics (Rated A+ & A+ respectively by

In 2016, 100% of graduates who applied to a 4-year college or university were accepted, while 96% immediately continued on to a 4-year college or university. Students who graduated in 2016 from Saint John’s Prep School will attend some of the top 50 colleges and universities in the country.

At our private high school, we do our best to help students prepare themselves for the ACT and SAT, and it is reflected in our consistently higher average score as compared to both the Minnesota high school average and national high school average. In 2017, our average ACT score was 28.3, compared to the Minnesota and national average of 21. In 2015, our students scored an average of 1853 on the SAT, while the Minnesota state average was 1780 and the national average was 1498.


“Saint John’s Prep truly prepared me for college, and life beyond. My education had both depth and breadth, and focused on skills like critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, writing and formal logic. The teachers are phenomenal, and I found multiple mentors there who I keep in touch with to this day. I loved my Prep experience!”

Diversity (Rated B+ by

Our private school in central Minnesota has a global community of students.

25% of the total student population for the 2016-17 academic year came from outside the United States, representing a total of 15 different countries. An additional 16% of our private school student body are minorities (Asian-American, Hispanic, African-American, multiracial, etc.) This diverse community leads to a respectful, cooperative learning environment for everyone to take advantage of and learn from.

Eric and Joann, parents

“As parents we are often asked why we chose Prep for Mark . . . the thing that we were most surprised by and equally impressed with are the intangibles of Prep. For example, the different and unique views brought by each person at Prep is valued and celebrated. He learns from other’s perspectives especially when they are different from his own.”

Teachers (Rated B+ by

The faculty at Saint John’s Prep is ranked #2 in the entire state of Minnesota for private high school teachers! This is a comprehensive assessment of the quality of the teachers, through a survey of students and parents.

As well, 75% of our faculty hold a master’s degree or higher. This means our teachers not only have a masterful grasp of their subjects, but are also well prepared to guide students toward the knowledge they will need to attain their bachelor’s degree and other advanced degrees!

2017 Graduate

“I currently attend Saint John’s Prep and love the teachers and the lasting impression each one leaves with me. The academics are rigorous . . . I personally feel that even though I’m in central Minnesota attending this school, I get a world view while attending this school. I say this because . . . our teachers always have unique experiences. I highly recommend this school for middle and high school students.”

Activities, Sports & Clubs (Rated B, C & B respectively by

We believe in a well-rounded curriculum, and encourage all of our students to participate in any of a wide variety of choices in the fine arts or sports. In fact, 100% of our upper school (grades 9-12) students participate in at least one activity, sport or club.

At Saint John’s Prep School, we offer more than 42 different extracurricular activities including interscholastic sports, intramural sports, band, choir and theatre, along with visual arts like digital, painting, photography, video, ceramics and more.

Tom Mork, alumni

“The education I received at Saint John’s Prep was excellent . . . I was far ahead of my Notre Dame classmates, because at SJP I had learned how to study and utilize my free time between homework, wrestling and other activities.”