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Saint John’s Prep Students Receive Top Honors in the National German Language Exam

Saint John’s Prep is proud to recognize seventeen students for receiving honors recognition after taking the National German Language Exam.

Students in the gold category scored at or above the 90th percentile, silver: 80th percentile, bronze, 70th percentile, and achievement: 50th percentile. All of the honors recipients are taught by Matt Beck.
The National German Exam is administered each year to over 26,500 high school students of German.
Congratulations to the following Saint John’s Prep students on their achievements in German.

Gold Medal Recipients:  
Emily Huang ’20, Level 2
Regan Mies ’18, Level 4
Lorine Moellentine ’17, Level 4

Silver Medal Recipients:
Alton Mies ’21, Level 2
Sichi Onyemeh ’19, Level 2
Jack Skahen ’21, Level 2
Alex Holt ’17, Level 4
Salma Muftah ’17, Level 4

Bronze Medal Recipients:  
Catie Sikes ’22, Level 2
Emma Henning ’18, Level 3
Sam Mortenson ’20, Level 3
Gwyneth John ’17, Level 4
Brenna Skahen ’17, Level 4

Carlos Borgert ’19, Level 2
Paige Klug ’17, Level 4
Lizzy Kolb ’19, Level 4
Caitlin Skahen ’19, Level 4