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Two Reasons Why Saint John’s Prep Is An Affordable Boarding School

A Saint John’s Preparatory School education is an investment in your child and their future. We provide an all-inclusive, quality education at our boarding school which includes experiential learning and extracurricular activities at no additional cost.

While a public school is paid for by tax dollars, our private boarding school is supported by alumni donations and tuition costs. Our goal is to encourage a diverse range of students, in ethnicity, nationality, religion, socioeconomic class and more. In order to achieve this, we offer some options to assist with tuition costs.

1. Variable Tuition

Saint John’s Preparatory boarding school proudly offers a need-based tuition assistance program called Variable Tuition through SmartAid. Tuition at Saint John’s Prep is not “one-size-fits all.” Tuition for most families range from 40-90% of the full cost of education. Variable Tuition adjusts tuition rates to meet your family’s unique financial situation. No family attending Saint John’s Prep pays the full cost of education.

Our variable tuition program allows families to apply for reduced tuition (grades 6-12), making an education at Saint John’s Prep affordable for qualified students and their families. An application for Variable Tuition does not affect the admission process. Regardless of financial need, parents should initiate the admission process as early as possible. Families are only eligible to apply for Variable Tuition after they have applied and been accepted for admission to the school.

Application Opens: December 1, 2017

Priority Deadline: February 1, 2018

2. Scholarships

U.S. students are invited to apply for both merit and need-based scholarships. These scholarship programs, which are supported by our endowment, donors, friends and alumni help to make the Saint John’s Preparatory boarding school experience available to qualified students.

For example, current scholarships are offered for:

• well-rounded academic achievement (Headmaster’s Scholarship);
• interest in science (Froehle Science Scholarship);
• interest in theatre (Br. Paul Vincent Niebauer Theatre Scholarship);
• members of Saint John’s Boys Choir (Saint John’s Boys Choir Scholarship);
• children of Central Minnesota Catholic School employees (Central Minnesota Catholic School Employees Tuition Discount); and,
• children of alumni (Children of Alumni Legacy Scholarship).

Priority Scholarship Deadline: February 1

Notification Letters Mailed By: April 1