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Lumen Gentium Award Given to Cy ’56 and Evie Laurent

Saint John’s Prep is proud to honor Cy ’56 and Evie Laurent with the Lumen Gentium Award.

The Lumen Gentium Award recognizes people who reach across cultures, who significantly impact the spreading of the light of knowledge, the light of harmony, the light of hope, the light to which all peoples, all nations will be gathered.

Saint John’s Preparatory School recognizes the Laurent’s for their unwavering support of people of faith through the Laboure’ Society. Together, Cy and Evie recognized the need for prayerful and financial support for those who wished to join the religious life and serve the Catholic Church. They founded the Laboure’ Society in 2003, and have worked to ensure that aspirants to the priesthood and religious orders could find relief from financial debt and experience the freedom to join a religious community or the priesthood.

Thanks to their efforts to rally support to help pay down that debt, Cy and Evie have ensured that many people are now able to pursue vocations in the priesthood, as religious sisters and brothers or are currently in formation. In 2016, Labouré awarded more than $770,000 to reduce the student debt of participants in its program.

Saint John’s Prep recognized Cy and Evie during our Convocation on Tuesday, August 21. The Convocation is a gathering of the entire school student body in the Abbey Church.