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In Memoriam ~ Michael Brutger ’13


Michael Brutger ’13

We are deeply saddened to say that Michael passed away peacefully at 3:00 am, Friday, January 5, 2018.

After more medical complications and finding out he would need yet another surgery, Michael made the toughest decision in the world and decided to discontinue all treatment and entered hospice on Friday, December 28. After much deliberation, he decided he was done living from surgery to surgery in a life of constant pain. As hard as it was, we fully supported Michael’s decision. Words cannot describe how proud we are of Michael for the strength he fought with and his ability to make such a tough decision.

Mathew, Grandma, his uncle Rick, and his aunt Dawn flew in and we had a wonderful day together on Saturday. He was awake most of the day and we were all able to laugh, cry, and say our goodbyes.

Many of you know the struggles this young man has gone through but you can’t fully understand unless you were here. Michael has been so brave through this entire battle and has fought like a warrior. He is a selfless individual and in the end he was more concerned about how his decision would affect not only us, but the many caregivers who have become like family.

The support we have received from the nurses and other staff on the transplant floor this week has been unbelievable. There has been a constant stream of visitors from the floor all week; a true testament to just how special of a person Michael was and how much he touched people’s lives during his time here. We cannot thank them enough for not only the care they have given Michael, but for their friendships during these difficult years here at Cleveland Clinic.

Michael is gone from this world but he will live forever in our hearts.

Michael’s wish was to have a celebration. Please join us in honoring Michael on February 16th at 6:00 pm at the Regency Plaza in downtown St. Cloud.


Team Brutger ❤️


Michael is the son of Larry and Cindy (Bancroft) Brutger and brother of Matthew Brutger ’08. Larry Brutger is a former Regent.