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Switching Schools: How to Know if a School is a Good Fit for Your Child

Giving your child the best possible educational outcome sometimes requires pivoting, especially when circumstances arise that are detrimental to your child’s success. Whether a student isn’t being challenged academically, is getting lost in a sea of crowded classrooms, or is struggling with a toxic social environment at school, sometimes the best solution requires changing course and switching schools.

If you’re considering making a change in your child’s education, or you’ve already made the decision to switch schools, a good next step is to determine which school will be the right fit for you.

Factors to consider when switching schools

To find the best fit for your child, consider the following questions.   

What priorities are important to you?

It’s important to find a school that aligns with your values and priorities. Are strong academics the most important aspect to your child’s education or are there other areas that are just as important, such as the arts or athletics? Maybe you want a more holistic approach to learning that focuses on your child’s moral foundation. Taking the time to prioritize your needs before you meet with new school administrators will help determine if your priorities align with the school’s mission and offerings.

What is the school’s approach to education?

A premier education offers experiences that nurture curiosity and expand horizons. When choosing a school, it’s important to ask questions beyond what type of curriculum they offer. For example, how do they challenge and engage students to reach their fullest potential? How do they help prepare students to succeed at college? What are the class sizes? What are students’ ACT scores? How will the school develop critical soft skills? Do they actively promote values-based principles such as respect, empathy, and inclusion? All of these areas contribute to the holistic student experience. 

How will your new school address your child’s unique needs?

Every child has different strengths and weaknesses. You’ll want to ensure the school you choose will offer support for both. What areas of education does your child excel in? Conversely, what areas do they struggle with? And how will the school address each of these areas?

What type of sports, arts, and other co-curricular activities are available?

Many learning opportunities happen outside of the classroom. When searching for a new school, ask:

  • What types of activities does the school offer to provide a well-rounded education
  • What visual and performing arts opportunities are available? 
  • What athletic opportunities are available? Are these activities only available to top athletes or are they inclusive to everyone with an interest? Are there costs to joining each activity or are they all-inclusive with tuition? Are practice schedules set in stone or are they flexible? 
  • What other activities does the school provide that teach students to see the world in new ways, develop teamwork and communication skills, and celebrate diversity?

Are there restrictions on when you can make the switch?

Sometimes, the need to switch schools may require your child to transfer mid-year, mid-semester, or even at a time in-between. Find out if the new school is flexible on when the transfer occurs or if they have set entry times.

Making the switch

Once you’ve made the decision to switch and have decided which school will best meet your child’s needs, there are certain steps you can take to help ensure a successful transition.

At Saint John’s Prep, we have four simple steps to make your student’s transition a success.

  1. Fill out an inquiry form.
  2. Schedule a campus visit or attend a Discovery Day.
  3. Complete the application process.
  4. Unlock a world of imagination, creativity, and discovery at Prep!
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