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Research Mentors Offer Guidance for Honors Capstone Students

Aspire To Excellence

Our Honors Capstone students had a big work session this week. More than two months of research and writing has come down to this: sharing their extensive academic research paper with a volunteer scholar! Prep has amazing friends who gave their time to meet individually with one of our Honors students. In doing so, they received essential feedback about everything from structure and MLA documentation to quality of analysis.

Capstone Mentors

Ms. Pasela and Ms. Fitch, the instructors of Capstone class, want to give special thanks to: Jon McGee, Anna Mercedes, Jeff Kirchoff, Dan Stark, Kathy Doom, Dixie Boschee, Derek Larson, Theresa Anderson, Vanessa VanLaanen, and Jack Scheck, who gave their time and talents to our group of Capstone students. These mentors are current or recently retired Prep teachers, or educators at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University.

The Honors Capstone class is part of  Saint John’s Preparatory School’s exclusive program, Aspire2Excellence, which allows students to be the architect of their own experience and future. Prep students have opportunities to develop a personalized learning plan made up of core courses, merits, and distinctions. Their capstone papers and projects delve deep into an intellectual question and provide them with the flexibility and encouragement to discover who they are and what they love.

The Honors Capstone class is made up of seniors who are working towards earning the highest level of academic distinction at Saint John’s Prep. Students who graduate with Honors demonstrate exceptional academic and intellectual depth and achievement.  To earn this distinguished recognition, Honors graduates must complete an interdisciplinary faculty-advised Senior Capstone that is based on a combination of research/original creative work, writing, and presentation.  

Stay tuned for May 2024 when Prep has our first annual Aspire to Excellence Scholarship Day and the public will get a chance to hear about the research and findings from our amazing students! Save the date of May 17, 2024 for our Scholarship Day!

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