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6th Graders Create New Monetary System Based on Service

Students Reward Each Other for Serving School & Community

The creativity of our 6th graders is on full display this winter. They independently created a company and monetary system of ‘bucks.’ By being kind to one another, helping around the classroom and school, supporting their teachers, having good attitudes or sharp swagger, students earned ‘bucks’ assigned by each other. They handled the tracking and accounting of their very own “crypto currency.” This was an independent project, not part of a class or assignment.

To help spend their “bucks,” they decided to host an auction. The 6th graders all spent time making beautiful arts and crafts from clay and other materials. The artwork was donated to the exclusive 6th grade auction, hosted by Maggie K. ’28, assisted by Oliver H. ’28 and Lauren L. ’28. An enthusiastic crowd of 6th graders bid generously and enjoyed the fruits of their labor, purchasing beautiful and rustic knickknacks made by their classmates.

Despite the bitter cold temperatures outside, every heart was warm inside during the auction, bolstered by the beauty of our student’s ingenuity.

Story submitted by Br. Richard Crawford, OSB