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Candy Canes Help 6th Grade support toys for tots

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As part of a service project in Theology class, the 6th graders raised money for the Toys for Tots program in Central Minnesota. The students first brought in candy canes to sell to students, faculty, and staff. To advertise the sale, they put up posters around the school, presented at the Upper School Prep Talk, and took part in morning announcements.

For 3 days before school and during lunch the students took turns selling the candy canes, which could be bought for yourself or others. Finally, they sorted and delivered all the candy canes, spreading holiday cheer throughout the building.

With their sales and donations, the 6th graders were able to buy $230 worth of toys and delivered them to the Great Hall on Tuesday in time for Christmas delivery. This service project is beneficial for so many reasons, not only as a way to provide for our community in need but also give the 6th graders leadership roles in our school.

Saint John’s Prep 6th grade homeroom teachers are Carlee Biechler and Sarah Gainey. Campus Ministry Director Chris Smith teaches 6th grade theology.