Sagatagan Giving Society

The Sagatagan Society – ensuring the future of Saint John’s Prep

The Sagatagan Giving Society recognizes donors who have made a significant gift to our endowment.

Members of The Sagatagan Society have:

• Made an estate provision for Saint John’s Preparatory School’s endowment, as a beneficiary of their will/trust, IRA or retirement plan, life insurance policy, charitable remainder trust or other.


• Created or pledged to create an endowed scholarship of $25,000 or more during their lifetime.

If you already have done one or more of the above, or if you would like join the Sagatgan Giving Society, please print and fill out the member profile and mail it SJP. Your profile will allow us to thank you and recognize you for the plans your have made, and it may inspire generosity in others.

If you would like more information about The Sagatagan Giving Society or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Angie Baszler, Director of Development, at 320-363-3324 or ABASZLER001@SJPREP.NET

Sagatagan Society Membership

Fr. Tom Andert, OSB ’65
Bob Artz ’45
Al & Jean Beckel
John & Nancy Berg
Frank & Alice Brown
Jim ’50 & Bridget Burkart
Dennis ’56 & Marilyn Cavanaugh
Bob ’49 & Anna Cebulla
Elizabeth J. Corcoran ’47
Caroline Davidson
Gene & Kathleen Delaune
Cyril Denn ’66
Joseph DesJardins & Linda Eich DesJardins
Doug ’46 & Lois Dick
Jim & Jen Dwyer
Patrick Dwyer & Jeanne Cofell
Peter E. ’69 & Rose Dwyer
Mary E. Dwyer
Paul ’73 & Barbara East
Barbara Eich
Jonathan Fribley & Mary Dwyer
Gus ’61 & Mary Frics
Robert ’53 & Jo Ann Frieler
Paul & Mavis Gannon
Larry ’63 & Mary Haeg
Jerry Hall
James & Carol Hamlin
Patrick Held ’69
Philomena Hesse
Paul Holzemer ’65
Thomas C. ’54 & Vicki Honer
Fr. Chuck Huck ’72
Tom ’53 & Sharon Jaeb
Fr. Michael C. Kaluza ’86
Michael & Jane Kathman
Ann Kelly
Frank & Julia Ladner
Victor Lauer ’42
+Al & Jean Leighton
LMS ’58
Bob ’68 & Anne Mahowald
Dan ’64 & Linda Marrin
K.C. Marrin ’67
Sarah Marvin ’99
Kathy & David Matthew
Steve ’63 & Karen McCormick
Tom ’68 & Judy McCormick
+William ’43 & Ann McDonald
Betty McDowall
Tom ’56 & Linda McGraw
+Peter Mies ’47
Daniel W. Meinz, Ph.D. ’73
Thomas Murtha ’69 &Stefanie Lenway
Edwin & Cora Neisen
Mrs. Caroline Niebauer
Paul-Vincent W. Niebauer, OSB
Kevin O’Malley ’69 & Marcia Steyaert
Bruce ’59 & Patricia Perrizo
Mary Jane Poepl
Mike ’67 & Susan Riley
+John & Barbara Rogan
Kelly Ryan, OSB
Rev. Thomas J. Ryan ’46
Robert Schmelzer ’61
Julius Smith ’48
Kevin Smith ’66
Floribert (Flip) ’51 & Pat Spanier
Ann Marie Stock ’78 & David Campagna
W. Jerry ’52 & Kathi R. Streeter
J. Greg ’51 & Rita Sullivan
Ed & Wanda Sweeney
Joe ’68 & Diana Twidwell
Jerome Weber
Ernest Weidner ’72
Marvin Weniger ’57
Joe ’63 & Mary Wenner
Wally Wenner ’50
Cliff & Daisy Whitehill Yarza
Peter ’70 & Virginia Wolters
George & Lillian Wright
Dan ’82 & Grayce Young
Steve ’68 & Susan Zimmerman
"At Saint John’s Prep, everyone here is very welcoming and everyone each has their own unique personality."
Brenna, student
"First of all, the community is amazing-- Not only the students, but the teachers as well. They really have a passion for teaching. Their love for a subject transforms learning into something fun. I know I’m getting a quality education at Saint John's Prep."
Grace, student
"My kids have thrived at this school and have been afforded amazing opportunities to grow, not only as students, but also as human beings. The environment encourages individuality, supports different cultures and backgrounds, and prepares its students for future success by offering a real-life sampling of what they will encounter in college and beyond."
Jennifer, parent