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Variable Tuition Fast Facts: SJP’s need-based tuition assistance program

Fast Facts: Variable Tuition at Saint John’s Prep

At Saint John’s Prep, we aspire to admit students who show promise, regardless of religion or socioeconomic status. That’s why Saint John’s Prep is proud to offer Variable Tuition, a need-based tuition assistance program. Variable tuition allows families of Prep students to apply for reduced tuition, making an education at Saint John’s Prep affordable for all qualified students and their families.

Our stated tuition represents approximately 90% of the cost to educate a child at Saint John’s Prep. No family pays the full cost of tuition with help from our generous donors and friends of the Prep School. Many families have questions about how eligibility is determined and how the award process works. To help you better understand how our Variable Tuition program works and what your family might qualify for, we’ve pulled together these helpful links:

What is Variable Tuition?

Variable Tuition is a need-based tuition assistance program that adjusts the tuition rate to meet your family’s unique financial situation. The amount of tuition assistance awarded through the Variable Tuition program is different for each eligible family depending on a variety of factors.

Who can apply for Variable Tuition?

All domestic families entering grades 6-12 are eligible to apply for Variable Tuition.

When should my family apply for Variable Tuition?

Your family may apply for Variable Tuition as early as November 1st for the following academic year. We encourage all families to apply before the February 1st priority deadline; however, we will continue to accept applications after this date, as aid is available. Regardless of financial need, families should initiate the Prep admission process as early as possible, as an application for Variable Tuition does not affect a prospective student’s admission process.

What factors determine my family’s eligibility for Variable Tuition?

A number of factors are taken into consideration in the aid application review process. Those factors include but are not limited to:

  • Income
  • Assets
  • Special family circumstances
  • Number of students in the family enrolled in tuition based schools.

How much financial assistance can my family expect to receive if we are eligible for Variable Tuition?

Our commitment to providing Variable Tuition means that we are sharing that investment with you. Our typical Variable Tuition range is 40-90% of the stated tuition rate. The exact amount of aid your family will receive is determined by a thorough analysis of the factors listed above. Because we know that each family’s financial situation is unique, we encourage you to complete the SmartAid application for the most accurate estimate of your award.

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