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The Saint John’s Prep Orchestra Celebrates the  season.

The “Bells of Christmas” Sound a Little Different in 2020

In 2016, when I first put together the Bells of Christmas script, I had all this footage and pictures I couldn’t use.  In this year of virtual concerts, I had the opportunity to share them with everyone!  The Lord works in mysterious ways, as my mother used to say.

It was beyond inspiring to watch the students rise to an unexpected and premature performance as e-learning was suddenly imminent for the remainder of the semester.  Their dedication and focus in that moment is why I got into teaching in the first place.


The Saint John’s Prep String Orchestra celebrates the season and presents “The Bells of Christmas,” narrated and introduced by Abbot John Clausen, OSB (SJP Class of ’67).  Through words and pictures, we tell the story of the bells of Saint John’s Abbey, from 1857 to the present day, accompanied by the sounds of the Saint John’s Prep String Orchestra.


The Saint John’s Prep Middle School Orchestra presents a celebration of Christmas through music. Introduced by Br. Paul-Vincent Niebauer, you can see the students rise to the occasion as, weeks ahead of schedule, they were suddenly asked to perform as if it was concert night in the middle of their normal school day. It was to be the last day we would see them in person in 2020.

Jeff Engholm

Music Faculty
Saint John’s Preparatory School

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