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“Thank you for taking the time to check in with students and parents”

Thank You from Our Family

Thank you for prioritizing the health and safety of our children, and, in turn, our families and community.

Thank you for validating the grief, sadness and anger the kids are feeling over the sudden loss of the school year.

Thank you for putting aside your own anxieties and fears to be present on zoom for our kids and give them a sense of normalcy when there is so little.

Thank you for your creativity and ingenuity when faced with the herculean task of keeping the kids engaged.

Thank you for caring about the students’ well-being and allowing class time to socialize, interact with friends and even share their pets.

Thank you for understanding that our kids are worried and continuously wonder and ask when this will end, what will the new normal look like and what will happen if our family gets sick.

Thank you for taking the time to check in with students and parents when a child is struggling and having a hard time adjusting to this new routine.

Thank you for dealing with technical issues and the distractions of our home – barking dogs, meowy cats and interrupting parents.

Thank you for communicating with families every step of the way and being present and available.

Thank you for your positive attitude and professionalism when, in reality, we know there have been countless obstacles and sleepless nights while trying to navigate through this.

Thank you, above all, for teaching our kids that when faced with an insurmountable problem, they do possess the strength and courage to find a solution and keep going.

Lexy and Tom St. Hilaire
Proud Parents of 3 Prep Students during COVID-19.