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Senior Awards for the Class of 2023

Sophie Nora Laina Kai

During our commencement ceremony each year, Principal Dr. Glomski and Head of School Jon McGee award four senior awards to individual graduates. The members of the Class of 2023 graduated from Saint John’s Preparatory School on Mary 26 in the Saint John’s Abbey Church in Collegeville, Minnesota.

The following graduates received the senior awards.

The Leadership Award goes to the senior who has shown leadership in this class during their years at Prep. This year’s recipient is Student Council President Sophie Nelson ’23. Sophie will attend the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point in Stevens Point, Wisconsin next semester.

The Citizenship Award award goes to the senior who has consistently promoted respect for, and the building up of, the Saint John’s Preparatory School community. This year’s recipient is Nora Miller ’23. Nora will attend Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa in the fall.

The Benedictine Spirit Award recognizes a student who strives to make the Benedictine values a part of his or her daily life, and subsequently, a part of all our lives. The 2023 Benedictine Spirit Award recipient is Laina Burris ’23. Laina will attend Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio in the fall.

The 2023 All-Around Student Award goes to the senior who is seen as having made the greatest contribution to the Prep School in a variety of ways, academic, extracurricular, social and spiritual. This year’s recipient is Kai Kang ’23. Kai will attend New York University in New York City’s Greenwich Village in the fall.

About the Class of 2023
The members of the Class of 2023 are officially alumni of Saint John’s Preparatory School! They are now preparing for their next adventures at colleges and universities all over the world. The Class of 2023 will receive more than a million dollars in scholarships when they head to college in the fall. They are attending schools in the United States, Canada, France, Japan and Scotland.

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Congratulations to Sophie, Nora, Laina, Kai and all of our Class of 2023 graduates!