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Dear Friends,

At our opening school convocation in August, I used the image of tapestry to describe Saint John’s Prep. An ancient form of textile art, tapestry weaves together thousands of unique threads to form beautiful art or to tell as grand story. Each thread is vital to the whole. The metaphor wonderfully describes Prep. Each of us – students, staff, parents, alumni, friend – is a thread that adds life to this community. Over many years we have worked together to form something compelling, distinctive, and special that is Saint John’s Prep. All of us contribute to the art and story of our tapestry. And for that I am deeply grateful.

The continuing challenges of the pandemic notwithstanding, we’ve had a very good year at Prep. We enrolled 280 students last fall, 13 percent more than in 2020. Our students this year represent 14 different nations and come from 28 different communities in Minnesota. We were again cited as the top-ranked Catholic school in Minnesota, in the top 25 Catholic schools in the U.S., among the top 100 boarding schools in America, and in the top 5% of private college preparatory school in the country. Best of all, though, the school is ALIVE with noise and commotion, imagination, and creativity.

So where are we headed? What new tapestry will we create for Prep? We are a small school with an expansive and expressive view of the world, both bringing the world to our students through remarkable curricular and co-curricular experiences and sending our students to the world as well-prepared collegians. We may be small, but we think big. Last spring, our Board of Regents approved a new strategic plan for the school focused on academic distinction, teaching excellence, formation in the Catholic Benedictine tradition, vibrant student life, and enrollment growth and accessibility. The plan pushes Prep forward as a premier arts and sciences world school in the Catholic Benedictine tradition. It is indeed an exciting time at Saint John’s Prep!

Saint Benedict calls us to “run while you have the light of life.” We continue to run at Prep, focused on the work of creating the future one student at a time. Much like the threads of a tapestry, we are defined by the individual people who nurture, support, and sustain us. On behalf of our students, faculty, and staff, I want to express our gratitude for your support of this wonderful community. We thrive because of you!

With gratitude,

Jon McGee
Head of School
Saint John’s Preparatory School

We are Grateful

Thank you for supporting Saint John’s Prep! Your financial support has an enormous impact on our students and, in turn, on our school and community. Your gifts help families make a Saint John’s Prep education possible. Your generosity supports our students and allows them to graduate and succeed in college and life.

Our graduates successfully transition to college and on to careers in technology, the arts, public service, healthcare, business and education. Thank you for continuing our legacy of creating considerate and thoughtful global citizens.

Your support of our students not only makes the difference in their lives, it enriches our community and world for generations to come. For your support, we are very grateful




We are grateful for our
 alumni, family and friends
       for supporting us during
fiscal year 2021.

"Without your generosity, we would be unable to provide a Catholic Benedictine college preparatory experience. You are shaping the lives of young men and women who I am convinced will make a significant impact in our world."
Aaron Miller, Vice President of Advancement