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Celebrate Hope and Glory

“It is always possible to begin anew because there is always a new life that God can awaken in us in spite of all our failures.”
Pope Francis

“The great gift of Easter is hope.”
Cardinal Basil Hume 
Those of us living in northern climes have, and must have, a particular affinity for hope at this time of year. Feet of snow on the ground in early April screams of our need for renewal. We crave the rebirth of spring and the return of light. And grass.

It surely is no coincidence that for nearly two thousand years, Easter has been celebrated as the season of spring begins (at least in the northern hemisphere). As the snow melts and buds burst with new life and the possibility that goes with it, we celebrate the hope and glory of the risen Christ. Darkness to light. Winter somnambulance to a wonderful feeling of newness and aliveness. 

With renewal comes not simply joy, but hope – a message central to the upcoming Triduum and the entirety of the Easter season. Hope in something greater than our ordinary experience, something greater than ourselves. Hope is an emphatic action verb that is both a disposition and a gift. It calls and guides us. It defines communities and the myriad ways we support and encourage each other. It demands the best of who we are. Most importantly, its gift is rooted in extraordinary love – a love we can share and receive in equal measure.

The Rule of Benedict provides inspiration for the Easter season of renewal and hope: “It is high time for us to arise from sleep. Let us open our eyes to the light that comes from God, and our ears to the voice from heaven.”(RB Prologue)

In this spring season of renewal and new life, grace and astonishing love, I wish our entire Prep community the blessings and hope of Easter!

Jon McGeeHead of SchoolSaint John’s Preparatory School