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SJP Students Study Abroad in japan

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Three Johnnies are spending part of their summer in Japan! Isabel Crue ’25, Miranda Louis ’24, and Livi Kremer ‘24 are spending part of their summer at Kaisei Gakuin High School, Prep’s partner school in Hokkaido, Japan.

Isabel, Miranda and Livi are taking part in a one-month study abroad trip. These Johnnies are learning about Japanese culture while immersing themselves in the Kaisei Gakuin community as classroom teaching assistants.

“Teaching in Japan has been amazing. The students are a joy to be around and make it exciting to teach every day. Along with teaching we have also attended a Biology class,” Isabel says.

They’re  working to help Japanese students improve their conversational English skills. The young people from both schools are enjoying  learning from each other as they work together. Besides working in classrooms, they’re also cooking meals, watching movies, and hanging out.

Isabel, Miranda, and Livi are also enjoying their time outside of the classroom. They’re taking part in personal tours and road trips in this beautiful region of Japan. They’re also spending time with their classmates’ families on outings and day trips.

What’s the best part of our summer exchange program with our sister school Kaisei Gakuin in Japan? Isabel ’25 days it is the opportunity to experience a different culture firsthand!

Isabel says they are getting to meet amazing people, try new foods, and explore new environments! They’re grateful for this unforgettable opportunity to live and learn in Japan!

Each year Prep sends a small group to spend a month at Kaisei Gakuin. In return, the school also sends students to Prep- some for a year and some for just a few days. It is a unique partnership that both schools enjoy!

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