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Aspire 2 Excellence Curriculum

The world is capable of wonders and so are you

Our academic program encourages students to be the architect of their own experience and future. Our distinctive approach to education challenges students to be deeply creative thinkers, intellectual risk-takers, experiential learners, and imaginative problem solvers.

Our students have opportunities to develop a personalized learning plan made up of core courses, academic distinctions and merits. We develop a personalized learning plan made up of core courses, academic distinctions and merits. We provide them with flexibility and encouragement to discover who they are and what they love.

Foundational Program

Our students take a rigorous set of required core classes focused on preparing them for college and beyond. Our curriculum exceeds Minnesota State Graduation Requirements and meets the academic expectations of highly selective colleges and universities.

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Academic Distinction

Students are encouraged to pursue educational pathways that provide opportunities for academic distinction in particular academic disciplines.
Distinctions can be earned in seven disciplines:

  • English
  • Math
  • Performing Arts
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Visual Arts
  • World Languages
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Academic Honors

Honors is the highest level of academic distinction. Students who graduate with Honors demonstrate exceptional academic and intellectual depth and achievement.

Honors Requirements Include:

  • Completion of 3 distinctions
  • Completion of an interdisciplinary Senior Capstone based on a combination of research/original creative work, writing, and presentation
  • Attainment of a composite weighted cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher
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We are very excited to move forward with the A2E Curriculum!

It will provide wonderful new opportunities for our students to demonstrate talent, excellence, and achievement. We are well-positioned to enhance our identity as a premier arts and sciences world school and leverage our distinction and excellence in supports of our students’ future.

Dr. Christine Glomski, Principal and Assistant Head of School

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