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Aspire to Excellence Curriculum

The a2e curriculum reflects our commitment to create and recognize learning experiences that are distinctive and distinctively Prep. it provides broad opportunities to explore and achieve, outstanding college preparation, and whole-student development and formation.

About the Program

The A2E curriculum rests on seven foundation learning goals central to the Saint John’s Prep experience: Excel Academically, Grow Spiritually, Develop Socially, Serve Compassionately, Think Creatively, Embrace Difference, and Engage Globally.

The A2E Curriculum has three component parts: Foundation Curriculum, Academic Distinctions, & Honors

Foundation Curriculum

The foundation curriculum represents our graduation requirements. Our students take 4 credits of English and social studies; 3 credits of math, science, and a world language; a minimum of 1 semester of fine arts each year; 2 credits of theology; and .5 credits of health and physical education.

academic distinctions

Students can earn distinction  in any of the eight academic disciplines offered at Prep: English and Literature, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Social Science Studies, Physical and Natural Sciences, Mathematics, World Languages, and Theology.

Graduation with Distinction will require:

  • Completion of 4 merits beyond minimum graduation requirements in a particular discipline. Merits can be achieved through additional coursework, experiential learning activities, or other co-curricular activities defined by the academic department.
  • Attainment of a GPA of 3.50 or higher within the discipline in the junior and senior years.


Honors offers the highest level of distinction at Saint John’s Prep. Students who graduate with Honors will demonstrate exceptional academic and intellectual depth and achievement.

Honors graduates must:

  • Complete three disciplinary distinctions (a total of twelve merits).
  • Complete a faculty-advised Senior Capstone based on a combination of research, original coursework, writing, and presentation.

  • Complete an Honors-designated Knowledge and Truth course.
  • Attain a composite GPA of 3.75 or higher in the junior and senior years.

“We are very excited to move forward with the A2E Curriculum! It will provide wonderful new opportunities for our students to demonstrate talent, excellence, and achievement. We are well-positioned to enhance our identity as a premier arts and sciences world school and leverage our distinction and excellence in support of our students’ future.”

Dr. Christine Glomski, Principal